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Here are commercial apps available in Canada that have not restricted trade

The ongoing saga regarding GameStop took a turn on Thursday, as certain commercial applications have imposed restrictions on trade. As a summary, various online message boards, including Reddit, have raised the price of GameStop and other stocks in recent weeks. This resulted in GameStop shares increasing from less than $ 20 USD earlier this month over $ 400 USD on January 28. Robinhood, which is not available in Canada but is immensely popular, has also restricted BlackBerry, Nokia, AMC and other stocks. The platform has decided to stop the situation on its platform, as described in a blog post. Another online trading platform called Interactive Brokers, which is available in Canada, has also restricted the trading of certain stocks to stop the frenzy. Both companies are facing ...
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Microsoft and NPower launch accelerator to equip underrepresented youth for digital careers

Canada Digital technology supercluster, an industry collaboration of some of Canada's biggest names in technology, communications, healthcare and more, announced an investment in the Canadian Tech Talent Accelerator project to bring in-demand technology skills to young Canadians. The digital supercluster includes companies like Microsoft, TELUS, LifeLabs, and more. A complete list can be found here. The accelerator will receive a total investment of $ 8.7 million, which includes $ 7.3 million from industry and $ 1.4 million from the Candian government. Additionally, NPower Canada, a workforce development initiative, will collaborate with Microsoft Canada and Blueprint to launch Tech Talent Accelerator. The program will offer a ...
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Apple Earns $ 100 Billion In Quarterly Revenue For The First Time In History

In the tech giant's fiscal first quarter 2021 earnings report, Apple revealed that it surpassed $ 100 billion (about C $ 128 billion) at the quarterly revenue mark for the first time in the history of the company bringing in $ 111.4 billion (approximately C $ 142 billion) in total and $ 1.68 USD (approximately $ 2.15 CAD) per share. This earnings report includes iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max sales, which totaled $ 65 billion (approximately C $ 83 billion) in revenue, another all-time high for the company. The highest previous quarter of iPhone revenue was $ 61.58 billion (approximately C $ 78 billion) in the first quarter of 2018. It will be interesting to see if the planned "supercycle" of upgr...
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The Medium is a chilling horror game divided between two amazing realities

The medium it's an interesting Xbox exclusive. Microsoft's largest console gaming philosophy has been to continue to support the latest generation of Xbox One while offering enhanced versions of those same games on Xbox Series X and S. However, The medium It is exclusive to current generation consoles and PCs, without an Xbox One version. According to developer Bloober Team, the technical limitations found in the state-of-the-art hardware were inhibiting his vision of a psychological horror game taking place in two different realities simultaneously. After my time with The mediumI am happy to say that the developer's decision has paid off, allowing you to take full advantage of the most robust hardware to deliver a unique and gripping horror experience. The best of both world...
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Microsoft Reports Second Quarter Sales of $ 43 Billion Thanks to Growth in Azure and Xbox

Microsoft shares rose after trading hours after the company reported more than $ 43 billion (about $ 55 billion Canadian) in sales and more than $ 15 billion US dollars (approximately $ 19.07 billion Canadian dollars) in profit from your vacation quarter. The Redmond, Washington-based software giant reported its second-quarter taxable profit on January 26, which broke several records for the company. The $ 43 billion in quarterly sales is the first time, and the company's stock reached a closing high of $ 232.33 (about $ 295.30 CAD). Microsoft's sales earnings beat expectations by approximately $ 3 billion. Last quarter, the company posted sales of $ 36.9 billion. Azure is generating the most excitement among analysts, as Micro...
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Hitman 3: Agent 47’s Swan Song is a masterclass in game design

"I don't know why, but I've always trusted a man with a knife," says Marcus Stuyvesant with a laugh. Stuyvesant, a leader of the shadowy Providence criminal organization, watches in glee as I throw a few knives at the targeted air vents that have left me scattered on an upper walkway of Dubai's Burj Al-Ghazali tower. High above the clouds, bustling Stuyvesant clearly feels safe, operating under the assumption that I am a promising candidate to become its bodyguard after a thorough vetting process. What he doesn't realize is that I'm actually Agent 47, the enigmatic hit man who needs protection in the first place. Little does he know that I have left the real The interviewee was unconscious several floors below and I slowly climbed the tower wearing his clothes and pretending to be hi...
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Apple shifts hardware executives as mysterious new project looms

Dan Riccio, who has served as Apple's senior vice president of engineering since 2012, is stepping away from leading Apple's hardware division. In a recent press release, Apple confirmed that Riccio is working on a mysterious "new project" and will continue to report directly to Tim Cook, its CEO. Riccio has worked on several notable projects, including Apple's ARM-based M1 processor, the AirPods Max, the iPhone 12, and even the original iMac. "Working at Apple has been the opportunity of a lifetime, to dedicate him to making the best products in the world with the most talented people you can imagine," Riccio said in a recent press release. “After 23 years of leading our Product Design or Hardware Engineering teams, culminating...
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Netflix surpasses 200 million subscribers and exceeds expectations for the fourth quarter

Netflix has surpassed 200 million subscribers worldwide, the company announced in its fourth quarter 2020 earnings report. In this quarter, Netflix added 8.51 million paid streaming subscribers to reach 203.7 million by year-end. This is up from the six million new subscribers it had forecast for the quarter, a more conservative estimate following the massive surge in new customers seen during the first half of 2020 amid the first weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Netflix's performance in the fourth quarter of 2020 was above expectations, it is still slightly below the 8.8 million net adds that were generated during the fourth quarter of 2019. That said, Netflix notes that it won 36.6 million customers throughout 2020, easily surpassing its previous record of 28.6 million in 201...
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Microsoft Flight Smulator in VR is something special

Flight simulator It has been one of my favorite experiences in recent months because of its exceptional level of realism and the simple fact that it is a fun escape from reality. Even though I thought the game was great before, I wasn't quite ready for the amazing experience that it is. Flight simulator in virtual reality. This allows you to freely look around the cockpit, which actually adds a lot more immersion to the game than you expected. That is not to say that the virtual reality experience is perfect. There are still plenty of issues with VR, including a significant starting price and the fact that it requires a gaming PC. Along with the minutiae of changing settings and learning a new PC experience, it's hard to recommend Microsoft Flight Simulator in virtual reality for an...
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Amazon Faces Class Action Lawsuit Alleging E-Book Pricing

A new lawsuit filed in New York alleges that Amazon and five book publishers are in collusion to fix the prices of e-books, it reported. The Guardian. Editors include Penguin Random House, Hachette, Simon and Schuster, Harper Collins, and Macmillan, often referred to as the 'Big Five'. The lawsuit alleges that publishers pay high commissions to Amazon, driving up the price of e-books on the platform. It argues that this forces consumers to pay higher prices for e-books that are purchased on platforms other than Amazon. “Amazon's deal with its co-conspirators is an unreasonable trade restriction that prevents competitive pricing and causes plaintiffs and other consumers to overpay when they purchase Big Five e-books through a com...
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Samsung heir returned to prison for two and a half years on bribery charges

Samsung's heir Jay Y. Lee will be sent back to prison for two and a half years on bribery charges. Bloomberg reports that this latest decision closes a legal battle that began four years ago. In 2017, Lee was sentenced to prison for five years, but was released after a year once his sentence was suspended on appeal. The South Korean Supreme Court overturned the decision in August 2019 and ordered a new trial and this sentence is the result of that new trial. At the final hearing, Lee promised to create a "new Samsung" and not repeat the wrongdoings of the past. Lee was found guilty of using his wealth to influence former South Korean president Park Geun-Hye in various of Samsung's business interests. This includes a merger of ...
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Trump administration stops supplies to Huawei in the final days of the presidency

The Trump administration is halting shipments from Intel and other Huawei vendors in the final days of the current presidency. Reuters reports that the administration has notified the suppliers that it is revoking the licenses that allow them to sell to the Chinese company. The administration also plans to reject other applications to supply Huawei. This latest action, which is likely to be the final blow by US President Donald Trump to the Chinese company, is based on the administration's efforts to weaken Huawei, which it sees as a threat to national security. Emails viewed by Reuters reveal that the Commerce Department issued "the intention to deny a significant number of license applications for exports to Huawei and the rev...