Wednesday, October 28

Asus ROG

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Ikea partners with Asus ROG to launch new gaming furniture

Ikea and Asus have teamed up to create "affordable gaming accessories for ROG" with a line of 30 products. With ROG, Ikea wants to combine its furniture knowledge with ROG gaming experience, to make gaming even more comfortable. The new play furniture will be developed by the Ikea Product Development Center in Shanghai. Designers at Ikea and ROG met with professional gamers and "game lovers" to explore the equipment needs of gamers and identify the features on the list they need to have a high-quality gaming experience at home. "By partnering with ROG, Ikea wants to combine its knowledge of home furnishings with ROG's expertise in creating an exceptional gaming experience," the company wrote. Ikea doesn't specifically say what "affordable gaming furniture ...