Monday, January 18

American Pie

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Jason Biggs admits that ‘American Pie’ is the most ‘awkward’ movie he has ever seen with his parents

By Brent Furdyk. 3 minutes ago fake pictures As one might imagine, it might be uncomfortable to watch a movie with one's parents with a scene in which the teenage protagonist is caught by its parents in the act of making love with an apple pie. According to Jason Biggs, that discomfort intensifies when you're the actor who plays the teenage pie lover. Biggs Twitter followers found out firsthand when the actor retweeted a Twitter question from writer Kirk A. Moore asking, "What was the most 'awkward' movie you saw with your parents?" RELATED: Jason Biggs Savors His Enduring 'American Pie' Connection Biggs' two-word answer: "American Pie."American foot. - Jason Biggs (@JasonBiggs) August 3, 2020Earl...