Tuesday, October 27

african black-footed cat

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San Diego Zoo is caring for two adorable, yet deadly, carnivorous kittens

The African black-footed cat might be the cutest, least harmful kitten ever, but in reality, it is the deadliest cat in the world. With a success rate of 60 percent while hunting, these itty bitty darlings are straight-up carnivores.The San Diego Zoo welcomed two black-footed kittens on April 28. Ryder, a male, and Skyler, a female, currently weigh in at a pound and a half each. Black-footed cats typically only weigh two to four pounds well into adulthood but can consume up to 14 rodents and birds in a single night. Compare that to lions who only catch their prey 20 to 25 percent of the time.Currently, zookeepers feed Ryder and Skyler small pieces of meat with tongs while they’re still nursing from their mother.“This allows us to make sure that the cats don’t...