Catalonia eliminates this quarantine in the schools and opens the ‘discos’ of the 11-F

  • The Government will plant in the Interterritorial Council of Health that the alumni who are negative and do not have symptoms can go to class

The Government officially announced this March apertura del ocio nocturno en Catalunya el proximie viernes 11 de februero. The report, submitted by the ‘councilor’ Josep Maria Argimon last week, means to return to the previous state in the sixth of the covid. A return to normalcy that has been subverted by the intention to elaborate a new protocol school because the students who are negative in the test and do not have any symptoms will be allowed to be admitted in the halls, with independence from their exposure to the virus. The intention is to apply this new protocol as of February.

The Executiu shares as expressed by the pediatrics of Catalonia, expressed in a communication by the pedian the end of the infantile quarantines. The proposal will be forwarded to the Interterritorial Council of Health of these schools. If no approval is given, the Government will apply the media unilaterally, even if it has competencies, although it will not be mediated in any way. The intention of the Generalitat is to execute this month of February, “as soon as it can. These changes can not be realized by one day for the other”.

At the reunion of this March, too, another point was reached on the points demanded by pediatricians, such as the withdrawal of the obligation to wear mascara on the part of the children. The spokesman for the Government, Patrícia Plaja, said that this was a restricted order by the Ministry of Health and that it was also seriously affected by the Interterritorial Council.

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However, the Government warns that the elimination of these restrictions does not mean that the pandemic has been eradicated, it has stated, that it has taken care that porphyria in the basic elements of defense precedes the expansion of the virus. Plaja, con todo, ha asseverado que el pico de la sexta ola ya se había cruzado y que los cases e ingresos hospitalarios, alonque aun quantumos, siguen en descenso.

As for the 10-day hope, on the part of the night nocturnal, to be able to recover, Plaja has assured that one of the executives’ compromises was communicated with all possible antiquation any decision of this type, by which is the “logistical” concoctor that acarrea levantar las persianas in este sector. “In addition, due to the current trend, it is believed that in 10 days we will be in the ideal pandemic situation for the repertoire,” the spokesman said.

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