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In order to Pablo Casado, leader of the Popular Party (PP), the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC) that considers unconstitutional the general confinement of the population during the state of alarm shows that the government’s action was “an outrage.”

In his opinion, the Constitutional ruling shows that “the separation of powers between the Executive and the Judiciary can be improved.” That is why he has announced that the PP “is not going to reform the CGPJ if the ranks of the PSOE do not accept a reinforcement of judicial independence”.

In Pablo Casado’s opinion, “the Constitutional Court has made it very clear that the Government overstepped the legal framework to confine us.” That is why the popular leader claims that from the ranks of his party “it was said that a law on pandemics had to be enacted and that a state of exception had to be resorted to.”

“The appeal we make now is why there is no pandemic law when we are experiencing a fifth wave. Because probably Sánchez wants to continue governing by decree and not respect public freedoms, “he said on the microphones of It is the morning scored by Federico Jiménez Losantos when we have the information.

Although Casado advocates creating a pandemic law, he acknowledges that when the Covid-19 crisis broke out, he supported the state of alarm “due to the high hospital incidence registered at that time” because in February and March it was better to use this resource.

However, he recalled that when the state of alarm had to be renewed “I went to the stand in front of Minister Illa to defend the pandemic law. And since no Organic Law came forward, from that moment on we rejected all the extensions. I told him : ‘This is a disguised state of exception. We give you 15 days to legislate against this pandemic.’ And that is why we reject the extensions thereafter. “

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The president of the PP considers that “Sánchez prefers to take care of what gives him revenues”. And it has been espcialmente hard when assessing the management of the health crisis: “It is the government that has managed the pandemic worst according to the University of Oxford. There has been no country in Europe with a higher incidence of deaths per inhabitant,” he says.

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