Carmen Borrego is honest about her confrontation with Alejandra Rubio: “We have had a very bad time”

Bertin Osborne visited Maria Theresa Fields and his daughters in the latest installment of ‘My house is yours’. At the meeting, the presenter’s daughters were able to talk about many issues that directly affected them, such as the fight between Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego, of which new details were revealed and how they experienced it from within.

Terelu Campos confessed how he felt: “I have cried a lot alone, of sorrow, of sadness and misunderstanding. He had given weapons to the enemies.”

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Carmen Borrego gave more details of the discussion: “We have all had a bad time because it has grown a lot by going public. If you analyze it, it’s all nonsense, serious problems have not existed, “he acknowledged before the viewers of the talk show.

The daughter of María Teresa Campos acknowledged that it was not a serious matter: “We haven’t even apologized. We have seen each other again, we have hugged each other and forward. Alejandra told me and said on television that she hadn’t had the same relationship with me for four years. It must be that she has missed me a lot, “she detailed.

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