Carlos Sobera, stunned by the diet of a ‘First Dates’ diner: “I drink coconut water and my own urine”

The ‘First Dates’ restaurant regularly welcomes diners with diverse and curious types of tastes and eating habits. This is the case of María, a 53-year-old digital nomad from Valencia, who spoke about how she usually takes care of herself: “I feed on the essential oils of the forest, of nature. From pure oxygen, from the contact of the soles of the feet in contact with the nutrients because the biggest pores are in the feet. “

“You have an extraordinary physical shape. Do you take care of yourself a lot or what?” Carlos Sobera asked María, who responded by talking about her diet: “I fast a lot, I was also vegan, raw vegan and then liquidator, I spent two years without eating anything solid. I haven’t eaten anything to come here. “

Just a few seconds later, Carlos Sobera was stunned when Maria told him about the liquids he usually drank: “I drink coconut water and my own urine. Urine therapy. Is named looping“.

“I think my family sees me very strange. Imagine releasing this to someone who is not in the same mood. I think there is a Facebook group called ‘Brexit’ so that they do not give them information of this type, and I think well, “said the diner, adding that there is “Three things that we consider normal and are diseases”: “Sex, menstruation and sleep. The former accumulates in our stomach and becomes congested. Parasites are able to dominate your will, and when you are dead, come out. “

Minutes after these statements, María knew that she was going to meet Rafael, a 61-year-old pensioner from Valencia, who was already sitting at the table waiting for her: “I am a bit of a mark for the way I dress: I wear a hat, ripped pants, colored shoes …”.

“I’m only going to have coconut water and herbal teas for dinner”, said Marta, who came to smear food on her arm to explain that parasites accumulate within our bodies. “As a person I see her more strange than interesting“, said the pensioner from Burjassot (Valencia) in a total before the cameras of the Cuatro program.

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In the last minutes of the evening, their differences were transcendental in ‘The final decision’, since neither of them wanted to have more date with the other. “Neither of us want a second date because he wants sex and I can’t give it to him, but we have a lot of friendly chemistry and we know that we will see each other again, “said Maria before leaving ‘First Dates’.

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