Caribbean football: the construction of protagonism

Jamaica is the only caribbean selection that has the ability to classify to the nearest FIFA World Cupalthough there are also 14 crosses in the Octagonal Final (ultimate escalator in Concacaf) the complicated panorama, then has the point of view of the Panama selection, placed in the quarter and last time to aspire to a boleto mundialista.

Si Jamaica no log reponerse y queda fuera de Qatar 2022it was completed 16 years ago that a representative of the Caribbean assisted in a World Cup, when Trinidad and Tobago consecrated its unpublished report in Germany in 2006.

Since then, Caribbean football has elaborated restructuring plans from the federal level to the formation of players, as well as the advance of various selections in the ranking of FIFA and the fact that the proprietary jamaiquino had been linked to the two Copa Oro subcomponents in the last decade (2015 and 2017), but has already taken place.

“There are projects that are endless, crecen, fortalecen, but there is a trainer and the bases are not strong. So far, the Caribbean needs more continuity, so it’s going to be fortified in the zone, “explained El Economista, Jacques Passy, ​​eccentric of the Caribbean selections of the Dominican Republic and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

For its technical director, of Mexican origin, he has three key points in that the Caribbean has advanced to less than 15 years ago: lie, with many European militant players deciding to represent the Caribbean; and, ultimately, with the creation of the most important federal structures ”.

Jamaica y Trinidad and Tobago his selections which he showed most solid, then his only representatives of the caribbean that he llegado had the last round of elimination of Concacaf since the creation of the Hexagonal format (now Octagonal) Final Rumbo at the 1998 World Cup in France.

“Currently all the selections of the world have very important resources, millions of dollars a year, there are so many complicated encounters, funds have and there are federations that you have to apply in a very intelligent way, is used to compete, so that the players can have an important exhibition, in order to build more canches, in order to have important projects to train. With money, good trainers and European players who want to represent all of these selections, it is very logical that crime is natural in the Caribbean, ”said Passy.

Saint Kitts and Nevis, for example, is planning to occupy more than 150 places in the ranking FIFA at number 73 between October 2016 and March 2017. Other representatives such as Curazao, Haiti, Antigua and Barburda, Suriname and the Saint Kitts property are included in the top 15 of Concacaf together with Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago.

In individual questioning, some players have taken on the most protagonists within the European leagues: Leon Bailey’s Jamiequin appeared in Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen and now in the Premier League’s Aston Villa, while the Levi García trinitario went to the AEK Athens.

También is also known as the one he decided to represent in the Caribbean selection to have in other latitudes, such as the midfielder Michael Antonio, from West Ham England, who decided to play for Jamaica, as central defender Ethan Pinnock, from Brentford (Premier League ). The same sued with Mariano, delantero born in Spain and current player of Real Madrid, who at the national level opted to represent the Dominican Republic, debited to his races.

Respect for coaches, in the last years he had characters like Guus Hiddink and Patrick Kluivert to direct to Curazao, as well as Leo Beenhakker to Trinidad and Tobago.

As for the implementation of strategic plans, existing structural failures: “Have mastered in the implementation of training courses for Concacaf which he helped to improve teams and youth programs quite consistently, but the lack of resources limits the amount of trainers who can train in any cycle. For example, Jamaica’s youth programs consist primarily of players who develop game skills in secondary (academic) secondary competitions, ”said Leighton Levy, a jamaican periodical with more than 30 years of experience.

“There is a lot of talent in the Caribbean, without embarrassment, it does not have high quality coaches at basic levels. However, if the players can be physically and technically prepared, they can be a little ingenious when it comes to tactics. The tactical learning that has in the Middle Ages comes from its experience in foreign affairs, it has been from the United States football team, the MLS, in Belgium, Russia or the English Premier League “, agrees Levy, currently editor of content in Sportmax TV in Jamaica.

According to coach Jacques Passy’s optics, he also has a much deeper analysis of the physics of the Caribbean footballer, some claim that there are “four types of Caribbean football: English, Spanish, French and Dutch, each with different characteristics”. Recall that selections such as Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago are more closely related to the style of the English, while Curazao and Suriname are part of the Netherlands, being examples of Caribbean countries that are more closely linked to the training of young people and their schemes.

“Travel to four countries in the formation of young people: Dominican Republic, Suriname, Haiti and Jamaica with very good projects, also won good leagues. However, he logs on to find stories in the way that the players from the age of 15 are trained as professionals, not much later in the debut, his players who are very slow are trained as possible stars, different from other countries with processes largos y que en el camino suelen perder los attributes que tenían a los 13 o 15 años. These four countries have had their debut debuts and so, within the model of their players, they are very functional ”.

Jamaica continues to push for the Caribbean number one in the world elimination news, for the Copa 2026in which habrán has more boletos for Concacaf For Mexico, the United States and Canada, there will be a new step towards the Icelandic selections.

“Guaranteed that in 2026 we will have a Caribbean selection to be a protagonist in the World Cup and have nothing more to do in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago or Haiti as references, you will have three or more selections to choose from, such as Suriname, Dominica or the Republic of Republic (…) A couple of years ago we saw an important pass from Jamaica in the finals of the Copa Oro and it was a very important merit. We are in the era in which the Caribbean can and will not be able to compete very well, many times over Central America, ”concludes Jacques Passy.


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