Prime Minister and Liberal Leader Justin trudeau said on Monday that 34 Canadian diplomats and Canadian Armed Forces personnel had been evacuated from Afghanistan, along with more than 800 Afghans under a specialimmigration.

Speaking as part of the election campaign in Longueuil, Trudeau said Canada was working with its allies, including the United States and the United Kingdom, to help as many Afghans as possible.

He said 807 Afghans had been escorted out of the country as part of a program to relocate the families of Afghan interpreters and other support personnel who worked with the Canadian Armed Forces and the diplomatic mission in Afghanistan. . Mr. Trudeau said Monday morning that more than 500 of these displaced had already arrived in Canada.

He said Canada also escorted two international diplomats and five NATO personnel out of the country.

The Taliban stormed the Afghan capital on Sunday after the fall of the government.

Afghans rushed to the capital’s airport on Monday as thousands tried to flee after the Taliban seized power. Some people latched onto the sides of a US military plane before take off, in a widely shared video that captured the sense of hopelessness as the 20-year-old US war comes to a chaotic end.

Mr. Trudeau asserted that Canada’s goal is to resettle up to 20,000 Afghans as soon as possible under the new immigration program.

With information from the Associated Press

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