Camélia and Sarah-Maude remain at the Academy

Camélia Zaki won, for the second time since the start of the season, the votes of the public during the eighth Variety, Sunday evening.

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The youngest of the Academicians will have lived a week filled with emotion between rehearsals, her endangerment and the visit of her father whom she had not seen for more than two years. The faculty then decided to keep Sarah-Maude Desgagné.

Two months after giving birth to her second child, Cœur de pirate was back on stage for a nice, gentle number, which opened the evening. Surrounded by Academicians and a string quartet, she performed several of her successes.

Julien particularly distinguished himself by interpreting “Place de la République”, while Béatrice Martin was at the piano. Jérémy also seemed very comfortable with the singer’s repertoire, especially by rapping in the middle of “Dans la nuit”. Edouard was also very solid in “Crier tout bas”.

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Camélia Zaki opened the ball of candidates in danger. To defend her place, she had chosen “Voilà”, by Barbara Pravi, a song which allowed the Frenchwoman to arrive in 2nd place in the Eurovision contest in 2021. Camélia returned it with force and conviction.

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Very proud of his student, Gregory Charles underlined his performance by indicating that “we witnessed something extraordinary. »

Sarah-Maude Desgagné really had a blast on “River Deep Mountain High”, solid, fair and full of energy. “A firework of beauty and talent,” exclaimed Guylaine Tremblay.

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Guitar in hand, Marily Dorion delivered a very smooth version of the song “Le tour de l’île” by Félix Leclerc. Marc Dupré congratulated him for his talent. “Superb interpretation,” he told her. You really found your artistic identity. Every song you sing feels like it’s yours. Well done.”

Lara Fabian also recognized her very personal touch. “It was Marily, respecting what Félix wrote,” she concluded.

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The Academicians seemed on a “rush” of sugar during this number in homage to sugar shack songs, and to traditional Quebec song as a whole. In the presence of Yves Lambert, they sang “La ziguezon”, followed by “Le Rapide Blanc”, by Oscar Thiffault, in duet with Olivier.

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Jérôme 50, a friend of Marily, came to proclaim his “Tokébakicitte”, before the arrival of the magnificent Edith Butler, who sang “Colinda”, her eternal “Paquetville”, and her short story “Dans l’bois” with the Academicians. At almost 80 years old, next July, she instilled a strong discharge of energy on the set.

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After the humorous break with PA Methot, Marc Dupré wanted to offer a new song to the Academicians.

On a rather rock music, his song “A week full of emotion” was in fact a hilarious text in which the host of the Varieties made fun, with great tenderness, of the shortcomings of each of the inhabitants of the Academy and the emotions they have experienced in the last week. Marc Dupré is really doing an excellent job this season at “Star Académie”.

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Even though he celebrated his 73rd birthday last Thursday, time seems to have no hold on Daniel Lavoie or on his songs. He opened his duet number with Krystel on “Jours deplaine”, followed by a magnificent moment with Eloi on “Tension attention”.

The trio of Eloi, Olivier and Daniel Lavoie on “Belle” also remains a good time. Olivier also had the chance to sing “They love each other” with the Franco-Manitoban, before the final on “I would like to see New York”.

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Guest artistic director, Lydia Bouchard created a magical and sensual number with the Academicians and a troupe of dancers. On the songs “Pendant que” by Gilles Vigneault, followed by “Pendant que les champs brûlént” by Niagara, Olivier and Julien particularly stood out, each bringing a particular flavor to their interpretation.

The number ended with a kind of explosion of the senses on “The Flesh Failures”, taken from the musical “Hair”, while Lydia Bouchard came to join the Academicians on stage. A nice refreshing moment.

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Daniel Lavoie was amused to have forgotten the words in his duet with Eloi on “Tension attention”. “My memory is worse than theirs,” he said backstage. It was fun, I’m happy. They gave me an extraordinary welcome, I would be very ungrateful not to appreciate it. In addition, I know the musicians who are on the show well. On the other hand, the singer, who celebrates fifty years of career, says he is quite unable to give advice. “I don’t know if it’s still possible to have a career like mine in the world we live in. The market has changed so much that I no longer know how it works. The only advice is to love what you do and do what you love.”

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Omnipresent in each issue, Olivier Bergeron has proven that he has come a long way since joining the Academy. The confidence of the teachers also seems important to give him the confidence to deliver exceptional performances. Opening the number with Cœur de pirate, he gently attacked the song “Oublie-moi”. He later had a lot of fun on “Le Rapide Blanc” with Yves Lambert, but it was especially with Daniel Lavoie (“They Love Each Other”) and in Lydia Bouchard’s number (“Pendant que les champs brilent”) that he scored points. His sensitivity, his permanent desire to improve, his naivety and his enthusiasm should allow him to go far. And why not in the final?

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Despite her departure from the Academy, Marily Dorion wanted to thank the teachers. “Thank you for the great adventure, I learned so much,” she said live. In an interview, she confided that she came out better armed for the future thanks to the teachings of the teachers.

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“I’m mostly going to memorize all of Lara’s vocal techniques, I’m going to apply them and use them when I sing. Then I also learned to differentiate between a constructive and valid comment from a comment that is just negative. I don’t want to get overwhelmed by all the comments that come in. All artists have to do this learning these days, especially because of social networks.

Olivier Bergeron, 20, Kedgwick, NB

Julien Charbonneau, 23, Montreal

Eloi Cummings, 16, Magdalen Islands

Edouard Lagacé, 27, Cowansville

Krystel Mongeau, 25, Sherbrooke

Jérémy Plante, 25, Lévis

Saved by the public

Camélia Zaki, 17, Sherbrooke

Saved by the teachers

Sarah-Maude Desgagné, 23, Amos

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