Calzón: “Vaccines have to be considered a global public good”

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Spain has already vaccinated 74.6% of its population, but the Ministry of Health does not lower its guard. Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health, has assured: “we are not calm at all“Now we are entering a new phase of the pandemic, he indicated, one that our country cannot leave aloneInstead, it is necessary to achieve greater global vaccine protection.

In a sense, he has delved into the Government’s proposal to promote international vaccination. “Vaccines have to be considered a global public good“, he stated at the closing of the second day of the ‘II Symposium of the Health Observatory’ organized by EL ESPAÑOL and Invertia.

No country will leave this alone“, he insisted. And he recalled that Spain has donated and resold more than six million vaccines to countries that did not have direct access to them.

On the other hand, and back to Spain, “there is still mass vaccination of the population between 12 and 39 years old“In this sense, he has called to” convince “all those who may be reluctant to immunize for the benefit of” individual and collective health. ”

In addition, it has indicated that “face new challenges in light of the scientific evidence for additional or booster doses”, the eventual appearance of new strains and a possible pediatric vaccination. In addition, he recalled that the state public health center is pending.

16. Silvia Calzón, Secretary of State for Health

During his speech at the II Symposium of the Health Observatory, Calzón has shown his “recognitions to thousands of actors involved“in the vaccination campaign in Spain”.

He has indicated that the German press speaks of the “Spanish vaccine miracle“, comparing the campaign homeland with” the precision of a clock. And indeed, this is not the result of luck or chance “.

He has assured that the vaccination is being “like a swiss watch. Even the smallest gear is critical. ”

“At the beginning of 2020, when we were told in less than a year we were going to have vaccines available, it seemed hard to believe. A vaccine has never been developed in such a short time“, he recalled.

“Most people would have thought it was a dream, it was a chimeraFor this reason, he considers that what has happened shows that “we have to dream more and work more together to achieve our dreams.”

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