California Governor Gavin Newsom wins recall election

California Governor Gavin Newsom on Tuesday became the second governor in U.S. history to defeat a vote to prematurely remove him from office.

The Democratic governor had described the revocation election as a national battle for his party’s values ​​in the face of the pandemic and the lingering threats of “Trumpism.”

The victory cements Gavin Newsom as a leading figure in national Democratic politics and preserves his prospects for a future race in the United States.

It also ensures that the most populous state in the country will remain under Democratic control and remain a laboratory for progressive politics in the field of human rights.immigration, climate change, representation and inequality.

A Republican would almost certainly have replaced Gavin Newsom if the referendum had called for his removal. The recall election, which focused on Gavin Newsom’s approach to the pandemic, reflected the country’s political division over business closures, mask wear and vaccination, and the two sides will dissect its results before the 2022 midterm elections.

President Joe Biden has called on Californians to show the nation that “leadership matters, science matters.”

This campaign was also a test to find out whether opposition to the former president Donald Trump and his right-wing politics remains a motivating force for Democrats and Independents.

“We have defeated Donald Trump, we have not defeated Trumpism.

Trumpism is still alive all over the country, ”Gavin Newsom said as he campaigned in a state the former president lost by 29 percentage points.

Two questions were put to voters: should Gavin Newsom be dismissed and, if so, who should replace him?

Only a handful of the 46 names on the replacement ballot had any level of public recognition, but most failed to gain traction with voters.

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