Caixabank completes the integration of Bankia: 4 keys on how it affects its customers

  • The Catalan banking entity completes the data migration phase and its new clients will now be able to check their balance and carry out transactions through the website or Bizum

Caixabank has already finished its fusion with Bankia. The Catalan multinational bank has completed this Saturday the data migration phase of the Madrid entity’s systems. This technological integration has arrived hours ahead of schedule, thus making it possible to advance the reestablishment of the system. This is how it affects you:

1- New Caixabank customers from Bankia can now check their balance and updated position on the bank’s website. Bankia’s digital channels have been automatically redirected to those of its new owner.

2- Clients will be able to carry out operations through CaixaBankNow and imagin.

3- Those users will be able to use the application again Bizum to do transactions and send or receive money as normal. During the integration process, Bankia clients had been unable to use this service, which had already been reestablished under the Caixabank system.

4- The ATM network and Point of Sale Terminals (POS) continue to function without problems. POS terminals are the devices used to carry out sales procedures in commercial establishments through dataphones.

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5- The merger operation will have financial consequences for part of Bankia’s former clients. Those who were attached to the Madrid entity’s ‘For being you’ program had access to a debit card for free. From now on they will have to pay 36 euros per year. Here you can read more details.

Likewise, the absorption of Bankia, nationalized after its bankruptcy, by Caixabank will have other consequences. This operation will mean losses of more than 1,000 million euros for the Spanish State, informs Pablo Allendesalazar. At the labor level, this bank merger has led to a significant cut in jobs. Up to 6,452 Caixabank employees will be affected by what is already the largest employment regulation file (ERE) of the history of banking in Spain.

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