By Sea or Air: Which Method Is Better for International Shipping from Canada

Get the goods in a day or two, overpaying, or wait for a few weeks, decently saving. What would you choose? Each method of international shipping from Canada, whether by air or by sea, has disadvantages and advantages. After weighing all the pros and cons, you can make a deal with maximum benefit.

Meest Canada — international shipping service that provides an opportunity to choose the most suitable option to ship goods on time according to the planned schedule.

Container Shipping by Sea

Cargo transportation by sea is one of the most popular and profitable modes of transportation. This transportation method has many advantages, so more people choose shipping goods in sea containers. 

The benefits of sea transportation are the following:

  • Low cost of transportation.
  • Versatility. Ships can carry 99% of goods ranging from fragile materials to large vehicles.
  • Transportation of oversized cargo of large sizes.
  • A large amount of cargo can be delivered in one flight.
  • Possibility to save on LCL containers.
  • Fast and easy unloading of goods.

International Shipping from Canada by Air

Air transport is often the best and, in some cases, an indispensable option for cargo delivery.

The advantages of air transportation are the following:

  • The most apparent benefit of air transport in cargo transportation is speed. Air transport is the best delivery option for moving cargo quickly.
  • Cargo insurance is mandatory for air transport. This guarantees against possible risks associated with any flight emergency or cargo damage.
  • Ability to transport almost any cargo. It is possible to arrange the delivery of both whole and groupage cargo through air transport. Specific, fragile, or perishable cargo will also be wise to send by air.

When Is the Best Time to Ship Goods by Sea?

Given the relatively long delivery time, shipping by sea will not always be justified. However, there are situations when you’d better find a reliable international delivery service to have your containers delivered by sea:

Speed is more important than cost.

  • You need to provide a large consignment of bulky goods.
  • You must transport goods you cannot ship by any other method.

The advantages of sea container transportation are apparent, so thousands of entrepreneurs choose them. At the same time, they choose the best delivery method at an affordable price.

Do you need help determining which delivery to choose, or have other questions?

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