Everyone has chores they’ve wanted to do, but they never seem to finish them. Well now Anne Courntey and her husband have a full 14 days locked up in their house to make them.

“We try to see the bright side of things, because there is always someone in a worse situation,” Courtney said. “So I guess we can finally do all those things around the house that we intended to do.”

Like many others in Fort Erie, day trips to Buffalo were a regular part of his life for years, before the pandemic put an end to that. So when the federal government announced that, as of December 1, the requirement for a COVID-19 test when re-entering Canada after a short trip had been removed, Courtney and her husband decided to go shopping.

After about four hours of shopping, they returned to the border where they were asked if they had previously registered their trip with the ArriveCan app, which they had not.

They asked if they could quickly fill in the information on the app while they waited, but were told it was not possible.

Instead, they were given four PCR test kits, and ordered to go straight home and self-quarantine for 14 days.

“We had all kinds of plans for the next two weeks that are now out the window,” said Courtney, who had to cancel a dental appointment for the next day and several health care appointments for herself and her husband.

He contacted Niagara Health, who said they had been helpful in trying to get the quarantine order lifted so the couple could go to their health care appointments, but so far they have had no luck convincing them. powers that are in the federal government. side to let them out.

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Although she has now resigned herself to quarantine, Courtney hopes her story serves as a warning to others.

“We didn’t know about the ArriveCan app. We thought it was for flights, not quick car trips, ”Courtney said. “I think there are a lot of people in the same boat, who don’t know about this requirement, so I just want to spread the word and hopefully prevent them from being quarantined as well.”

ArriveCan is a free smartphone application developed by the federal government. It allows travelers to upload travel documents and pertinent information about their trip, including estimated times of departure and arrival at the border. It is required for travelers entering and leaving Canada through an airport or land border.


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