BTS’ Suga May Have Another Big Hit On His Hands With Psy’s Comeback Single ‘That That’

On Friday, April 29, Psy officially returned to the music world as an artist after an extended hiatus to go into business. When she released her highly anticipated comeback, she made an incredibly wise decision in choosing not to go it alone. The multi-talented figure enlisted one of the world’s top producers and songwriters to join him on his first official single in five years, and after working together on the song, that artist joined him and lent his voice. and his immense fame. to the project, and that can make all the difference.

Psy’s new single “That That” has arrived, crediting BTS member Suga as not only a producer and songwriter, but also a featured musician. One of the seven members of the biggest band in the world right now joined the trailblazing K-pop star on the long-awaited catchy tune, which is in keeping with Psy’s trademark. The cut was created with the express intention of lodging itself in the ears and minds of millions, and it very likely will.

Suga not only wrote, produced, and performed on the single, but also features heavily in the music video. The clip sees Suga and Psy strutting around in cowboy outfits, leading a group of dozens of dancers, and even fighting each other, though it looks like everyone involved is having fun.

If Psy had released “That That” alone, it probably would have become a hot topic for some time and a hit on the charts in his native South Korea. The musician made history with his smash hit “Gangnam Style,” which introduced many around the world to K-pop in 2012. At the time, it rose to No. 2 on the Hot 100, becoming the first top 10 hit performed in Korean, and remains one of the most successful tunes in that language. The only artist that has risen higher in the ranking of the most consumed tracks in the US is BTS. Psy is still a big star in his homeland, but his popularity has waned in Western nations.

While Psy surely could have enjoyed a successful comeback without bringing anyone else into the fray, Suga’s appearance in “That That” changes things up considerably. Her presence takes things to a whole other level, both artistically and commercially. BTS’s most prolific member (outside of his work with the group, of course) has already made history with his solo music and collaborations with the likes of Juice WRLD and Halsey, and now he’s sure to score another big hit alongside Psy.

“That That” was just released, so it won’t start appearing on the charts for another week, but it’s sure to become another hit for both acts. In fact, it can lead Psy to her most impressive placement on many singles rankings in over half a decade, while Suga never strays too far from her. It’s almost certain to hit the Hot 100, but it’s unclear where it will settle on her debut.

What is clear, however, is that with two of K-pop’s most famous and beloved artists coming together on a single that millions have been waiting for years, a new global smash has likely been unleashed.

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