Breast cancer: huge impact on health and family finances

In 2016 my appointment from mammography And when they gave me the results they told me that I had to be checked by an oncologist, the doctor sent me to a radiologist who told me not to be alarmed that it was fibrosis, so I trusted him and in 2017 when I went to have a mammogram again They confirmed that I had breast cancerThis is how Amalia Romero, a survivor of this disease, commented.

Cancer levels are measured through the system (called Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System or BI-RADS) classifies the results in categories numbered from 0 to 6. In Amalia’s case, the category had gone from BI-RADS 2 to 4, where a biopsy was already required to confirm the diagnosis.

At IMSS They asked me to sign a document of responsibility where they had already notified me of the situation. I had an MRI where both breasts were found, so I had surgery two months later.

After a month of convalescence from surgery, where the lymph nodes had been removed, the treatment that followed was eight chemotherapies. It is terrible, it scares you, you are already carrying the thought that you have cancer and an uncertainty is generated about how you are going to feel with chemotherapies and that if your hair is going to fall out, in addition to generating discomfort that lasts several days”.

After the eight chemotherapies, Amalia returned to the oncologist to determine the number of radiation sessions that her condition would require, in her case there were 22 daily sessions where she felt very bad and even had thoughts that she preferred to die.

After seven months of treatment, “a new ultrasound revealed that the points of the breast cancer, that they removed all the affectation in the breasts and that I need to have a mammogram every year or before the date in case anomalies are observed in my breasts and in the armpits, because the cancer can return at any time and that they would give me discharged in 10 years ”, he commented in an interview with The Economist, Amalia.

The recommendations offered by the survivor is that you do not have to stay with the first diagnosis, you have to seek a second or third opinion. “If I could go back in time, I would have purchased major medical, life, and school insurance for my daughters.”

Coverage options

It is important to have protection through a Insurance of major medical expenses. “A policy is something that makes detection and treatment easier for you, but above all it allows you to avoid a greater financial concern in addition to worrying about your health,” commented Ingrid Cerwinka, director of Fundación AXA México.

She explained that timely detection has allowed a greater number of women who are in treatment for this type of cancer to keep their breasts. If detected in the early stages, it can be removed without the need for a mastectomy.

According to Mexican Foundation Against Breast Cancer (FUCAM), in Mexico, only 31% of cases are detected in early stages. “We have had various experiences with women who have come forward with timely detection. As of November 1, in coordination with FUCAM we will perform 1,500 free mammograms in the states of Morelos, Chiapas, the State of Mexico and Mexico City ”.

Renata Rodríguez, manager of Individual Life at Axa México explained that in March, they launched “Vida Para Nosotras”, which is the coverage of Additional Compensation for Cancer that can be contracted in addition to the basic policy of the Vida ProTGT UDI insurance. “The amount of the insured sum is selected ranging from 60,000 to 280,000 UDIS, equivalent to 2 million pesos.”

Rosa María Castanedo, Executive Director of Grupo Financiero Banorte Card Products commented that the Mujer Banorte credit card has a benefit that in case of serious illnesses it covers two conditions: cervical cancer and breast cancer, where it gives you support of 20,000 pesos, so that they can use them in medicines, treatments, pay the deductible or for the current expenses of the family.

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