Borussia, between the symbolism and the accession to the Electoral Junta

  • The independentism intends to present a pulse to the JEC on the basis of Juvillà’s song to have assumed the case of the CUP’s deputy

The President of Parliament, Laura Borràsagotará el plazo para rendir cuentas ante la Junta Electoral Central (JEC) on the grounds that it has been complied with in the withdrawal of the CUP’s deputy secretary and third secretary of the Mesa, Pau Juvillà. The firefighters must report their action and dilute if they have joined the administrative body. The JEC considers the firm to decide what to do after the decision Supreme Court (TS) about the cautelares medidas and the fall of the Superior Tribunal of the Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) who was incapacitated during his six months in Juvillà by not withdrawing the yellow jams from his despatch in the Paeria de Lleida in 2019.

Mientras tanto, el independentismo expresse toadas las vias a su alcance para evitar una “habilitación express & rdquor; like the ‘ex-president’ Quim Torra and Borràs cavila formulas -algunas, symbolism festivities- to try to avoid o, al menos, aparentar, that act of distinct form to his predecessor, Roger Torrent, which was acquired by the JEC. These are the keys of the parliamentary periphery.

The JEC issued the 27th of January a resolution confirming its announcement of the 20th of January and announcing to Juvillà its functions. It seems that the independentism reivindica sig sig being deputado, the functional body of Parliament da perdida the act of ‘cupaire’ to hold the credentials of the new parliamentariat by Lleida in his position. Hecho, ya le han communicated verbally that will not cover the name this February. Tampoco lo har su suesora, la exdiputada Maria Sirvent, and his cargo is directly linked to his file company. Officials of the Cámara Niegan said that if the hay were given to him, but the officials, framed to elaborate the nominees, could not desorir his tarea porque estarían incurriendo in a possible delinquency offense it is not the sea that Borràs directly assumes its functions, inhibits and holds the burden of any legal consequences.

The Mesa del Martes is celebrated without Juvillà, and it can not assist debit to a medical test related to the cancer that padece and the encounter did not take place on Wednesday. The CUP is represented without a power of attorney, so it decides that the proposal is relevant and proposes it in full. Carles Riera takes over the secretariat, without which it is implied to take its act of deputy. Al no asistir, Juvillà no compromete los acuerdos tomados, at least, now that the acts are firmly established at the beginning of the following week. Tampoco has not had any plenary, nor has he assisted in any commission, so that, in fact, he has not addressed the JEC in this regard. It’s by ver if Juvillà pide la delegation of his vote in the emicitation by enfermedad solicited a bad medicine, which was found in the Mesa in the complicated test procedure to remove or remove without effect. If the blind person is the deputies and is allowed to vote, a tribunal may annul the decisions that are taken in the plenary session and open a judicial cause of disobedience against the Mesa.

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Pese to the pretended image of independentist union, the plane deunion in all the embroidery. Borràs planted the suspension of parliamentary activityin addition to the juiciness of the letters, it is possible to incur judicial consequences within the scope of the regulations. ERC and CUP exhibit their recipes, pidieron acotar al minimo este freno y vincularlo a la sesion de la commissón del statute de los deputados que se celebréa este jueves. Ante the impossibility of sacrificing before the proposal, Borràs ends by issuing a declaration stating that “proposal & rdquor; the independent deputies do not agree with the commissions since it is implied that there is no agenda or functional machinery. The objective era symbolizes that the Parliament protested, that Borràs plantaba cara. The ERC has come to the conclusion that its margin of maneuver is short and due to the fact that it is acting like Torrent and the CUP will set a parallel pulse with the president, because in his case he will make the decision to release his act to Juvillà, ya que este no piensa renunciar.

Parliament against the JEC

The CUP is guarding an ashes in the manga in the Torra case which is now at its peak. The strategy is to enter into competence with the JEC and endorse a sentence from the TS which signals that the administrative organ is being charged with “inaction & rdquor; de la Cámara. On December 23, the plenum approved – with the abstention of the PSC and the ‘communes’ – a dictation of the commission of the deputies who defended that Juvillà followed the parliament and the 25th of January granted a remedy with petitioners al Supremo. The JEC ignores these statements and reaffirms its position. If the JEC gives the firm its resolution, independentism pretends to approve of this school or another dictatorship that vuelva insists that Juvillà maintains his functions and that he votes again in the plenum. But on this occasion I have no contact with the socialists, que piden que se ejecute la orden. When it comes to independence, it is gaining momentum and that the TS is at odds with the JEC and the Parliament, alleging that the administrative body is acting as a tribunal. All of this, should be reported by Borràs, as far as it goes.

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