Bolsas in mexico caen more than 1% this month

Unlike the main indexes, the two Bolsas of value operating in Mexico will not be able to recover and close with losses of more than 1% during the month of this month.

The Index of Prices and Contributions (IPC) of the Mexican Stock Exchange of Values, composed of the shares of the 35 most negotiated companies, ended in 50,890.59 units with a payout of 1.37%, with five payday loans. Thus, the FTSE BIVA, the reference of the Bolsa Institutional de Valores (Biva), decreased 1.41%, to 1,052.29 points.

A total of S & P / BMV IPC emission losses will be 57,579 million pesos in market value only this month. While registering lost in 29 of the 35 companies included in this index.

The peer-to-peer performance of the Megacable, the price of its action cayó -3.84%, equivalent to 2,195 million of pesos lost in market value. The Mexican group, on the other hand, borrowed 26,624 million in market cap or -3.79% and Peeling Industries declined -3.78%, representing 3,546 million less in its bursal capitalization.

The losses in the Mexican shareholder market are concentrated in the materials sector (-2.80%) and the financial sector (-2.59%), based on an analysis by Banco Base.

Addition that the negative behavior in the majority of the indices is explained by a major aversion to the risk motivated by nervousness over the increase in geopolitical tensions between Russia and the West.

Another factor that caused instability in the Bolsheviks of Mexico and, in the world, was the speculation about the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve (Fed), since he initiated the first meeting of two parties, while the inversionists hoped that the central bank informs about a recurrence of its monetary policy ahead of the rise in inflation.

Hecho, the market is paying special attention to the comments of the President of the Fed, Jerome Powell, on the occasion of the initiation of Alsace in the case of interest.

“The current session is also characterized by high volatility due to global nervousness, with the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX) launching a maximum of 38.94 points, level seen since October 2020”, added the report by Banco Base.

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