BMW 2 Series Soupé: the infallible formula of emotion

The advent of this model means that the values ​​of dynamic, joyful and emotional management are still present in the market. A coupe-type bodywork, a trunk with limited cargo volume as well as a few somewhat narrow rear seats are topics that are limited only to those looking for passion about function. The second generation of the Series 2 Coupé is ready; Mounted in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, it will ship worldwide.

unique style

The new Series 2 Coupé is the continuation of the first generation that hit the market in 2014, which was a variant of the Series 1. Compact, direct driving and steering impulses in real time, the Series 2 Coupé has quickly established itself as one of the most desirable compact size sports cars to enjoy behind the wheel.

This second generation, in addition to a design that many may find controversial, returns to the celebrated rear-wheel drive (in some variants it will be total). From the outside, the redesign of the grille stands out, moving away from what was seen in the 4-Series Coupé, which drew much criticism for its size and shape.

The set shows prominent fenders, which contributed to its low height, paying for a dynamic image. The lighting system is fully guided, both front and rear. BMW mentions that this model proudly displays three-dimensional surfaces, triangular shapes and diagonal lines across each of the three main bodies that make up its structure (hood, passenger compartment and trunk). Impossible not to mention that the person in charge of the design was the Mexican José Casas, Senior Exterior Designer for the BMW Group.

In terms of dimensions, it has additional millimeters compared to its predecessor. It is longer and wider (105 mm and 64 mm), reaching 4,537 millimeters and 1,838 millimeters, but it is 28 millimeters lower and reaches 1,390 millimeters. In terms of wheelbase, it has grown to 2,741 millimeters, giving it a better character when driving at high speeds. Similarly, the larger track widths (1 575 mm at the front and 1 587 mm at the rear) are essential so that turns have more balance.

To measure

The interior has the necessary centimeters to perform dynamic management and spend time comfortably. The command post, in addition to being aimed at the driver, combines analog controls and a central command for the console screen. The materials, like a constant in BMW, are the most refined, of leather, some plastic surfaces and aluminum. In the equipment, there are several advances in security, connectivity and information entertainment. From the attention, parking and reversing assistant to a head-on screen as well as the 7 operating system that enhances user interaction. iDrive control, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant services and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto platforms are added.

To order

Since last December, this model has been on sale in our country, albeit only in the 220i version, to which is added a limited launch edition called 220i Coupé M Sport Edition 2022, which has an exclusive level of finish with aluminum inserts. seat belts with the distinctive M-color, aerodynamic package, 19 ”M-style wheels, sports suspension, M-steering wheel, among others. For both cases, a 2-liter TwinTurbo 4-cylinder engine is available that pulls 184 hp and 221 lb -ft of torque. The gearbox is an 8-speed automatic while the drive is at the rear.


• Engine: 4 cil, 2 l, TwinTurbo

• Power: 184 hp

• Torque: 221 lb-tart

• Transmission: Aut. 8 vel.

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