Grupo Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV Group) signed on Monday a strategic alliance with the organization SUMe Sustentabilidad para México and its strategic partner Green Business Certification (GBCI), with the aim of promoting the development of education on sustainability.

Alicia Silva, president of SUMe, explained in a conference on the occasion of the signing of the agreement, that the interest in taking actions on sustainability had a strong growth after the pandemic and there are currently more companies signing commitments in environmental, social and health matters. corporate governance (ESG), as well as to achieve carbon footprint neutrality (‘net zero’).

“As of 2020, the issuance of labeled or sustainability bonds rose 36 percent. Before, in a good year the increase was only 10 percent. We have a long way to go and change has to take place with an intellectual transformation, with commitments and actions. It is something that will start with education first, ”he assured.

Therefore, the alliance is focused on promoting educational issues in ESG and will launch on February 15, 2022 a free virtual site aimed at the general public.

In addition, they will develop a specialized training program for companies to incorporate sustainable development objectives set by the United Nations into their strategies.

Thus, the Escuela Bolsa Mexicana will train decision-makers of companies in the aspects that integrate the ESG factors, so that they obtain the knowledge and develop the necessary skills in this matter through the joint training of SUMe.

Mentality change

José Oriol Bosch Par, CEO of Grupo BMV, agreed that the Covid-19 pandemic meant a relevant change in people’s minds regarding sustainability issues.

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He explained that interest in issues under the ASG label on the Stock Exchange also increased, since between 2016 and 2017 this type of operations did not represent more than 5% of the total amount financed in the debt market. In this 2021 it already represents more than a third part.

“It is going to follow a very important growing trend. Probably for next year it will be more than half of the amount financed in the Stock Market ”, assured the director of the BMV.

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