La Bolsa Mexicana de Valores (BMV) advances moderately in its first operations of these jewels. The bursatil gana plaza online with other relevant places like Wall streetpese a que la Federal Reserve estadounidense delineó, in a conference and communicated during its meeting, a restrictive monetary policy.

The reference index S & P / BMV IPC, composed of the shares of the 35 most valued issuers for capitalization and liquidity in Mexico, is 0.22% at a level of 51,151.41 points. The index FTSE BIVAthe principal of the Bolsa Institucional de Valores (Biva), if 0.24% moved to a level of 1,056.56 units.


In the interior of the reference index, the majority of the operating components are in positive terrain, with 21 values ​​in green, 13 in red and one without change. The largest increases are for BanBajío shares, with 3.58%; Quality, with 2.29%; Cemex, with 2.15%; Coca Cola Femsa, with 2.25%, and Grupo Televisa, with 2.12 per cent.

The Federal Reserve informs that it will probably lower the interest rates in March and reaffirm its plans to end fines during the pandemic-era bonuses this month, before initiating a significant reduction in its active holdings. I did not find out about the number of alzas that will be available for this year.

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