BlueStacks X emulator brings Android games to the cloud

Be unable BlueStacks X Android App Emulator has entered the world of game streaming with a new service that allows users to play various Android games on the web.

So far, there are ten games available to stream, and in my short playtest Merge dragons!, the platform seems responsive enough to provide a proper gaming experience.

BlueStacks X also says that it runs on Amazon Web Service Graviton Servers, which Amazon rates very well on the AWS website. If you don’t feel like cloud streaming, you can use the regular BlueStacks X emulator to play one of the other 200 games the company offers.

In the future, the platform hopes to move all of these titles to cloud streaming. Currently, pre-roll ads support the service, but the company is considering offering a subscription service, it reports. The edge.

If BlueStacks X can keep its latency reasonable, this could be a convenient way to play mobile titles without an Android smartphone. That said, as with other cloud gaming services, if you have an Android device that can play games locally, you are probably better off going that route.

Via: The edge

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