A new roadside attraction from local fishermen is causing quite a stir in a rural Halifax community, but the object is more mischievous than dangerous.

Faded yellow in colour, the large, cylindrical item is shaped exactly like an old fashioned bomb – the kind used in airstrikes in the Second World War.

Planted upright in the soil along Ketch Harbor Road, the overall impression seems to be anyone nearby is seconds from disaster.

“I had several messages asking me, ‘Did a bomb fall from the sky?’ Or, ‘What is this thing in our community?'” said Leslie Harnish, President of the Sambro & Area Community Association. “So I asked a couple of questions on Ask Nova Scotia, and took a drive by on my way to the dentist.”

That early morning facebook post quickly attracted a lot of attention on the social media site with dozens commenting, offering advice, and urging residents to call the authorities – immediately.

Greg Spearns from nearby Portuguese Cove, NS, wasn’t quite alarmed, but he was curious.

“I knew nothing. I drove by here a couple of days ago, and I saw it laying on the ground, and this morning I was coming to check my brother’s place, and it was in the group. It’s interesting to say the least, “He said with a laugh.

Turns out, the roadside monument comes courtesy of some local fishermen.

Notoriously camera-shy, none would agree to a media interview, but several told CTV News the object was an old weather buoy, tangled-up in fishing gear decades ago and displayed for a time by a local family.

The story was repeated to the local Coast Guard, whose members checked it out Thursday and confirmed there’s no danger from the object, which is made from a type of fibreglass.

Several fishermen indicated they found the display funny, and hoped others would enjoy the joke as well.

“It could have been anything, really, but it’s been around a long time, obviously, but not everyone knew about it,” said Harnish with a laugh.

A blast from the past that’s not really a ‘blast’ at all. A joke that bombs – in the best possible way.

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