Biden seeks to provide permanent residence to families separated by the Trump era

President Joe Biden’s governor wants to establish permanent residence in the United States for migrant families separated by front with Mexico under the “tolerance certainty” policy of his predecessor Donald Trump, he gives the high school a high-ranking official.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Alejandro Mayorkas, said that families are currently being granted a humanitarian permanence permit in United Statesthat they are allowed to be newly married to their husbands and live and work legally in the country, but it is temporary.

“We abhor the Congress’s proportionate status which requires legislative action”, Mayorkas stated in an interview with NPR Public Radio.

La White House dijo que apoyaba esa initiative.

Biden, which aims to promote a “just and humane” migration policy, created on 2 February 2021 the Working Group on the Reunification of Migrant Families, which has been separated since the era Trump (2017-2021) to unleash the illegal frontier crosses.

In June, the group led by Mayorka informed that habia identified 3,913 separate minors of his families between July 1, 2017 and January 20, 2021, when Biden joined. Además, dijo que revisaba otros 1,723 separation cases; some eggs included from the year 2017.

Of the 3,913 identified, 1,779 have been reunited with their families during Trump’s term. Siete fueron reunidos tras la croupon del Grupo y 41 estaban en vías de reunirse. Others 1,695 have been contacted, although they have not returned with their families. 391 the parade takes place.

“When we start our work group a year later, we’ll be looking at the registration record of the separated families“The records are incomplete or inaccurate, and our first challenge was to actually identify the separated families”, said the Mayorque masters.

“We have now reunited with more than 120 families. We are in the process of reunifying more than 400, and we are present in the country of origin to contact other families and animators to initiate the process”, agreed.

The DHS estimates that 1,200 migrant families are separated. The great majority are Central Americans, coming from Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvadororigen del creciente flujo de undocumentados detenidos en los ultimos años en la frontera sur de Estados Unidos.

Biden, who considered “criminals” the separations, said he was entitled to compensation for the separated migrant familiesbut his governor abandoned the last step in the negotiations with the lawyers of the families who will present judicial requests.

The plaintiffs, who search for compensation for what is considered a psychological day, announce that they will continue with the litigants.


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