Bertterfly arrives in Mexico in alliance with the insurer Chubb

As of 2022 the insurance company Chubb It will have the alliance of the Chilean insurtech Bertterfly, with which both companies will seek to benefit their clients in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile with their products.

In interview for The Economist, Eduardo della Maggiora, CEO y fundador de Betterfly explained that what is intended with this new alliance is to complete the offer currently offered to its customers with new benefits.

At Bertterfly we have these three axes: prevention, protection and purpose, what we want to do together with Chubb is to bring this digital ecosystem to millions of people throughout the region and deepen these pillars to enter more families, not only with the protection component, but prevention and purpose, also democratizing access to digital tools for physical, mental and financial well-being ”, said Eduardo della Maggiora.

In addition, Marcos Gunn, regional president of Chubb for Latin America, indicated that the benefits of this alliance will be available to its new clients as of January 2022, but also current clients will be able to request them the following year.

“What we are going to do is offer our clients the possibility of having Betterfly in the insurance they buy with us, then we give clients that possibility of accessing something they do not have, such as additional protection, as well as tools to have a healthier life, ”said Marcos Gunn.

It should be noted that Bertterfly is a digital platform of Chilean origin that offers benefits to employees of companies of any size, such as financial and wellness education, virtual fitness, telemedicine and mental health, as well as rewards in the healthy habits of its members.

“By carrying out activities registered on the platform, bettercoins are earned, a currency that can then be donated to social causes. Then the user is taken care of and a positive social impact is sought ”, indicated the director of Betterfly.

“What we seek is to take the best of Betterfly, the best of Chubb both in technology and in the knowledge of our clients, in service. It is to deepen something that goes beyond what is insurance “, added the director of Chubb.

With this alliance, Chubb will become Betterfly’s preferred insurance provider in its international expansion process and will provide membership of Betterfly to their policyholders. And for its part Betterfly will offer Chubb insurance on its platform, through the Betterstore.

“What we have done is take all the battery that a company like Chubb has and we have customized it for the needs of different customers, and be more accessible to customers, and in the end the technology that Betterfly brings us is a 360 degree value proposition to reach more population ”, concluded Marcos Gunn.

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