Belén Esteban and Rosa Benito confirm their reconciliation during the transition from ‘Save me’ to ‘It’s already eight’

Transitions between programs Telecinco they leave moments that, at times, give a lot to talk about. It is what happened during the night of this Wednesday in ‘Save me’, While Jorge Javier Vazquez gave the witness to Sonsoles Ónegay your collaborators from ‘It’s already eight’. Among them was Rosa Benito, which confirmed his approach with Belén Esteban after exchanging a few words with her.

The conversation took place after Jorge Javier revealed the gesture that Rosa had with him and with Raquel Sánchez Silva when she won ‘Survivors’ in 2011: “He gave Raquel a top-of-the-line bag and me a Cartier”. At that moment Bethlehem appeared to tell that she also received a gift from who, at that time, was her friend: “He also gave me a Cartier”.

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This interaction between Belén and Rosa, who have grown apart in recent years, caught the presenter’s attention: “Have you already talked to each other?”. Seconds later, the ‘Save me’ gathering confirmed that they have contact again: “Sonso, is that Rosa and I talked to each other”. A reconciliation that was celebrated with applause on the set of ‘It’s already eight’. “I also love Jorge very much and he knows it,” said Amador Mohedano’s ex-wife.

This afternoon in ‘It’s already noon’, Rosa has given more details: “I always keep the good in all people. The bad does not let you be happy. We are going to resume and move on, which is the most important thing.”. For his part, Miguel Ángel Nicolás commented on the meeting that took place between the two and that he himself witnessed: “I saw a lot of affection, a lot of love and tears.” “There was emotion because we remember things,” confirmed Rosa.

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