BBVA Mexico clarifies what happened with unexpected “deposits” in its clients’ accounts

During the afternoon of this Monday, social network users reported surprising “deposits” in their accounts that they have with BBVA Mexico.

This situation caused BBVA to be a trend on Twitter, because while those who said they had benefited, celebrated it with “memes” and some jokes; those who didn’t regret it just the same.

At night, the bank explained, through the same social networks, that some purchase operations recently carried out with debit cards were not charged to the respective accounts, and those amounts, “due to human error”, were released, so they are reflected in the accounts themselves as available balances.

He added that this situation will be normalized in the course of hours, and apologized for this incident.

“The banking institution offers customers who find themselves in this situation a sincere apology for the confusion that may be generated with the your account balances”, he detailed.


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