Monterey, NL. With the pandemic lockdown of Covid-19, the registration to obtain the Barcode increased by 80%, compared to 2019, as many small and medium-sized businesses sought to place their products in e-commerce or on their own platforms, said Gerardo Vázquez Tagle, manager of the North American regional office. GS1 Mexico.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 small and medium-sized companies sell in electronic commerce and will stand out in the marketplace by using the GS1 standard code, explained Mario Esparza, from Public Relations of GS1 Mexico.

During the Nuevo León Business Development Forum, organized by GS1 Mexico, Mario Alberto Salinas Treviño, director of Support and Development for SMEs, of the Undersecretary of Business Development, participated, who spoke about the importance of professionalizing small businesses in Nuevo León to that can conquer omnichannel commerce, through e-commerce and export markets.

For its part, GS1 Mexico is a business organization with more than 26,000 associates that is responsible for assigning and managing the Bar Code.

In Nuevo León there are 1,494 companies that use the Bar Code, and they are in fourth place at the national level: 90% are SMEs and 10% are corporate such as Alpha, Femsa Y gruma, among others. In turn, the barcode is used by retailers such as HEB and Soriana.

Two-Dimensional Code

The barcode is currently used, however, in the future the two-dimensional code will be used, “we only have two types, the standard and the data matrix, and their codes will coexist, it is still in the review stage, we believe it will be in the market in four or five years”, emphasized Gerardo Vázquez Tagle.

“Not having a barcode means that the product is not ready to be marketed in certain channels, –just as it is limited to informal commerce–, but if you wanted to make that product scalable and take it to a commercial chain at the national or to the marketplace, it would be prevented because it needs a code assigned to the product, to enter the markets”, he pointed out.

He deepened that the Bar Code opens the door to the products to be able to market them and have a greater reach in chain stores or in the marketplace. It is a product identifier, once that number is cataloged with the commercial chain, it links the product information with prices, discounts, etc. Thus, when it passes through the point of sale, the information is intertwined.

There are barcodes for consumer units, and also for shipping units, boxes and pallets, this helps a lot to make logistics processes with business partners more efficient, because everything is identified, as well as to have a good inventory, and know what product will arrive in the shipment.

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