Banco Azteca changes its name in Peru, now it will be called Alfin Banco

Almost a year after the departure of Grupo Salinas from Banco Azteca del Peru and the entry of new shareholders, the name of the financial entity is now changing to be called “Alfin Banco SA”, as reported by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP (SBS).

In the considering part of the resolution that authorizes the change, it is detailed that the decision was adopted on July 16, at the Shareholders’ Meeting, however, the requirements of the Superintendency had to be met, with the publication of the resolution.

In November 2020, the Grupo Elektra, property of Ricardo Salinas, announced that it sold all the shares to a group of Peruvian investors “with recognized experience and trajectory in the financial sector.”

In October, the financial institution, already in the hands of its new shareholders, completed a total of 79.6 million soles (almost 20 million dollars) with capital contributions, subordinated bonds and extraordinary commercial income, the amount of which exceeds the goal of 75 million soles. suns that the institution had raised.

Alfin Bank, the new name of the financial institution, plans a second strengthening plan between December 2021 and June 2022.

René Jaime, CEO and current shareholder Alfin Bank, shared with the Peruvian newspaper Management in May of this year part of the mints, it is about three projects that lay the foundations of the transformation.

The first is the change in the banking core, which is a gigantic challenge, since it is like the re-founding of the bank. The second project is the digital strategy. The third is the change of the brand, “which is a profound change because it not only involves changing the name or making a cosmetic change, an objective that at least has a first step in its name,” said René Jaime in May.

“It implies brand fundamentals, which give tangibility to the new value offer that the new bank will present,” he remarked.

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