Back to Black | Amy Winehouse with rose water

In a scene from the documentary Amy (2015) by Asif Kapadia, the father of the late neo-soul artist Amy Winehouse arrives unexpectedly on a Caribbean island where his daughter is staying after rehab, with a docu-reality film crew. Despite the fact that his daughter asked him not to come.

This scene does not appear in Back to Blackthe fiction film by filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson (in theaters May 17) inspired by the too-short life of Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011 at the age of 27 from ethyl poisoning.

Asif Kapadia’s Oscar-winning documentary (Senna, Diego Maradona) blames Mitch Winehouse’s negligence in Amy’s death. The father is presented as a manipulator in search of notoriety, impervious to the dangers that await his depressed, bulimic, alcoholic and drug addict daughter.

In a scene from Back to Black, the father decides in favor of his daughter when her first manager wants to send her to rehab. “ I ain’t got the time, and if my daddy says I’m fine ” (“I don’t have time, what if my daddy says I’m fine”), Amy Winehouse sings on Rehabone of the most famous pieces from his second album, which sold 20 million copies. Except that Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film mainly presents Mitch Winehouse as a sugar daddy overwhelmed by events.


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