Aya keeps the magic: sing the second and a quarter of the Christmas Lottery

Aya Ben Hamdouch Chaaraqui, the girl from the San Ildefonso Residence who surprised everyone by being very small with his very long “thousand euros”, has returned to sing in the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2021, proclaiming the second and first fourth prize.

This year, together with Alexander René Herrera who sang el Gordo in 2020, Aya Ben Hamdouch has sung the number 72,119, graced with the second Prize of the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw 2021, endowed with 1,250,000 euros to the series.

You can follow everything that happens in the draw live and this link you can check all the prizes.

At 10.48 am, the already veteran children of the San Ildefonso Residence have proclaimed the second most desired prize of this traditional draw, which has appeared on the fifth wire of the fourth table. Together and visibly happy they have gone to the presidential table, to which they have shown the two lucky balls.

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A few minutes later, at 10.59 a.m., The two little ones have once again distributed luck, proclaiming the number 42,833, graced with the first of the two rooms prizes, endowed with 200,000 euros to the series.

It is not the first time that Aya Ben Hamdouch has attracted luck, as she has sung various Christmas Lottery prizes on other occasions. With the presence of Aya Ben Hamdouch they always pass curious, this time the hype of the numbers that has been hooked several times.


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