Automotive industry in Puebla bets on automation; Canacintra foresees staff reduction in operational areas

Puebla, Pue. The automotive and auto parts sector of the National Chamber of the Transformation Industry (Canacintra) local, indicated that for this 2022 it will continue with the strategy of generating savings, which implies having to reduce the workforce in operational areas with automation.

Luis Espinosa Rueda, president of the organization, mentioned that given the uncertain outlook due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies in the sector will not open contracts at least during the first two months, and after that date it will be minimal.

In this context, he explained that the contraction of the automobile market at a world level still persists, which has repercussions on Puebla because its exports are mainly concentrated in the production of Mexico Volkswagen, which is a pillar of the economic development of the state.

He pointed out that they would be forced investments for some of the 85 suppliers that they consider have more staff and only need a certain workforce with specialization for quality supervision tasks in finishing components.

The leader reiterated that it is about making some activities efficient, especially in Tier 1 and Tier 2, which must take care of their quality as suppliers to the assemblers. Volkswagen from Mexico and Audi, installed in Puebla.

He said that automation has been implemented more since the so-called dieselgate, a scandal caused by manipulated diesel engines in vehicles of Volkswagen and that they detected in the United States during September 2015.

“When the industries of the sector see a contraction of the market and that it would continue for this year, then there is no choice but to invest in automation to reduce operating expenses, because in a diagnosis that they have made, there are up to three people for the same activity” , he pointed out.


Espinosa Rueda mentioned that at least three companies in the sector that made their investment plans for 2021 could not carry them out due to the pandemic and this year they hope to resume them, although he did not want to reveal amounts.

“It is evident that companies need to bet on greater automation to also increase their installed capacity and consequently production, since the automotive industry is one of the main engines of the state’s economy, for which the activity must be taken care of with greater robotization, because it is the trend in the coming years”, he deepened.

The Puebla supply sector affiliated with the Canacintra It is made up of 85 firms, of which 45 are T1 and the rest are T2, among which they generate more than 10,000 jobs, plus the 14,000 that contribute Volkswagen and 5,000 from the plant Audi.

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