Authorities recognize best practices within the housing industry

The National Housing Award (PNV) in its 2019-2020 editions already has winners, which were announced a few days ago and among which developers, projects, architects and academics stand out.

According to the authorities that coordinate the recognition, among which are the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), the PNV aims to recognize the best practices in construction, architectural, technological and management techniques applied in the processes of housing production, that raise the standards of habitability, cultural adaptation, sustainability, affordability, accessibility, among others.

Also “that promote social cohesion in order to consolidate access to the human right to adequate housing in Mexico.”

According to what was reported by the authorities, the winners were the following:

Category: Promotion of Adequate Housing.

Winner: Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Sadasi SA de CV, with the Almendros 2020 project, Tizayuca, Hidalgo.

Category: Social Production of Assisted Housing.

Winner: ITESO AC with the Reconstruction of Housing and Social Fabric project in San Mateo del Mar, Oaxaca.

Category: Sustainable Housing Development.

Winner: Edificaciones e Ingenierías del Centro SA DE CV, with the project PROGRAM 56 BH4TN (Zero Gas), in Tecámac, State of Mexico.

Category: Best Local Management Practices-Sustainable Housing Developments.

Winner: State Housing, Land and Infrastructure Commission of the State of Chihuahua with the Fraccionamiento Aranjuez project, in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua.

Category: Innovative Financing Scheme.

Winner: Urbanizaciones El Porvenir de Ameca SA DE CV, with the Urban Action project by social objective called Fraccionamiento Municipal Las Fuentes.

Category: Promotion of Adequate Housing.

Winner: La Casa Espacio Inmobiliario SA de CV. PROCSA, with the Conjunto Habitacional Oriente 237 project, in the Iztacalco mayor’s office, Mexico City.

Category: Sustainable Housing Development.

Winner: Desarrollos Inmobiliarios Sadasi SA de CV, with the Sauce 2019 project, in Tizayuca Hidalgo.

Category: Patrimonial Housing.

Winner: Architect Gerardo Estrada Straffon, with the Tinoco y Palacios project, Tehuantepec, Oaxaca.

Category: Academic Research Work.

Winner: Gilberto Tello Méndez, with the Real Estate project: Typology of Traditional Architecture of Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas.

The authorities reported that the category of Abandoned Housing Recovery with Rehabilitation of Public Spaces was declared deserted, as were subcategories a, c, d, e and f of the Best Local Management Practices category.

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