Attacks on prison workers get worse

When he wanted to realize it, the teacher in charge of literacy for the inmates of module 5 of the Jaén prison was being grabbed by the neck between your table and the blackboard. A large prisoner tried to hold her close to his genitals, after having taken them out of his pants when she entered the classroom. “Come here, suck it on me & rdquor;, I would say.

It happened on October 22. The sexual assault barely lasted what it took for her to resist, wriggle out, and run away. In the penitentiary they believe that the inmate, sentenced 10 years ago in Córdoba for repeated crimes of gender violence, I was drugged; In the security camera video to which this newspaper has had access, he is determined to complete his attack, despite the fact that three other prisoners witness him in the room. In fact, he closes the classroom door trapping the teacher inside and tries to kick one of the witnesses out.

What happened in Jaén is not the last but it is one of the most serious cases of assault on prison staff. The teacher is on leave. Employed by the Junta de Andalucía, she had begun this course to teach in Jaen prison to prisoners without a school degree. When he managed to get out of the trap, with the help of a trusted intern, even the aggressor grabbed her arm trying to put her back in the classroom and yelled at him down the hall: “Whatever you say, I’ll kill you.”

The Civil Guard has been investigating the case since it received a complaint on October 26. Repeated injury incidents in prisons add to the tension among officials this fall. Last week, the two main prison unions, Acaip-UGT and CSIF, denounced that there is an attack on an official every 36 hours, and that 3,609 have been injured in five years. The incidence suffers a relative increase: it remains despite the fact that in the last five years the prison population has decreased by 1,300 individuals, and by just over 7,000 since December 2011. In the December 2020 count, there were 55,180 prisoners throughout Spain , 7,880 in Catalan prisons.

In the prisons of the Generalitat, according to data from the Secretary of Mesures Penals, 2020 ended with 188 assaults on officials with minor injuries and 28 serious. In the middle of this year, there were already 96 of the first and 20 of the second.

Panic button

Last October, 11 attacks were counted in the prisons of Albocàsser, Puerto II, León, Huelva, Algeciras, Murcia II, Topas and Cuenca, in addition to Jaén. The latter could have been much worse: “The teacher has been spared a miracle. In the event of a violation, he could not have received help in time, because there were only two officials in the module; one, checking the cells, and the other in the office & rdquor ;, report prison sources. Dangerous inmates reside in module 5 in Jaén. Several times the teachers who teach there had asked to teach them in the classroom of the Sociocultural Area, which is under surveillance, but the management, according to the same sources, believed it was unsafe to join the 5 prisoners with others. That is why the classes are given in small rooms of the module, next to the shower hall; and that’s why the teacher had been given a panic button.

Last Saturday, a worker from the Logroño Penitentiary Center was taken to the hospital after, during a transfer, a prisoner threw her against the wall. He suffers bruises and has lost two teeth. It is the last serious incident on record.

A similarity relates this case and that of Jaén: in both cases, the aggressor had been transferred from another center where they had already shown their aggressiveness. Jaén’s stalker was in second grade, without the measures of special surveillance of the first degree that was proposed for him by the Archidona Prison Treatment Board, the sources consulted relate. The report was not attended; the inmate was transferred from the Malaga prison to the Jaén prison.

The Logroño dam, in its previous prison, Pamplona, ​​with a higher security level, had attacked two workers and an official. Nor did she go back to first grade: she was transferred to Logroño, a less harsh prison.

A crystal on the neck

For this Wednesday, prison workers are called by Acaip-UGT and the CSIF -the two centrals in full collective conflict with the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions- to concentrate from 12 to 12.30 before the Government sub-delegations to show your rejection of the attack happened in Logroño. In Catalonia, in turn, all the prison unions – Acaip, UGT, CCOO, IAC CATAC, Intersindical and CSIF – have signed a protest manifesto for the situation in the Ponent Penitentiary Center (Lleida).

On October 31, a unit chief from that prison was evacuee seriously injured for the aggression of an unbalanced inmate. This past weekend, in the dangerous module 6, the officials avoided “A massive fight between different gangs of inmates in the area of ​​the stairs & rdquor ;, place “where there is no type of security or control by camera & rdquor ;, relates the manifesto. This week most of the officials of that module have requested a transfer.

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Among the measures demanded by the Catalan vigilantes is that of “ending the disproportionate increase in inmates with psychiatric problems that causes an increase in risk situations that endanger the lives of other inmates and officials & rdquor ;.

It remains to be seen whether the one experienced by a head of the Cuenca jail on October 27 responds to that danger or has less mitigating circumstances. The case could end in death. The report of the party, to which this newspaper has had access, overflows the bureaucratic tone: “When the officials enter the cell, the inmate, totally uncontrolled, aggressive and at the same time shouting ‘I’m going to kill you, you sons of bitches’, he pounced on them carrying sharp crystals (& mldr;) the inmate manages to reach the neck of the Head of Services, making a cut from which he begins to bleed profusely & mldr; & rdquor;

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