Asamblea Nacional francesa rechaza otorgar asilo a Julian Assange

The French National Assembly rejects the fours’ proposal for a multi-party resolution to invite the governing body to grant refuge in France to the founder of the international media organization Wikileaks, Julian Assange, detained in London and arranged for extradition to the United States to illegally distribute reserved official documents.

French deputies vote 31 to 17 against the resolution, in favor of the vehementity of the auditors in favor of Assange.

At the end of the race, Jennifer Temmerman’s deputy announced that the vote “is a victory, and we want to give it to someone who has no tenure”.

Assange, 50 years old, was detained in the United Kingdom since 2019 London.

The resolution voted in favor of a dispute between the National Assembly and the Senate in the wake of a bill to increase the protection of delinquents in France.

Assange is courtesy of the Justice of the West with many cargoes of violets leyes antiespionaje.

It is subject to a sentence of 175 years in prison since the publication in 2010 of 700,000 diplomatic and military documents secretly related mainly to the war in the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq. .

“There were barbaric acts and abusive abuses that were not carried out by the public,” said communist deputy Stéphane Peu.

Among the legislators who will revise the text, some will argue that the resolution presents “conflicting points” of legal and diplomatic orders.


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