Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile relaunched the candidacy to host the 2030 World Cup

Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay Y Chili made official this Thursday its intention to jointly organize the soccer world cup 2030. Authorities from the four countries participated in a meeting in the city of Asunción in which they addressed different lines of work that aim for South America to host the tournament, on the 100th anniversary of the first edition.

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For Argentina, the Minister of Tourism and Sports participated, Matthias Lammens. While the Chilean Minister of Sport was also present, Alexandra Benado Vergarathe national sports secretary of Paraguay, Diego Galeano Harrison, and the National Secretary of Sports of Uruguay, Sebastian Bauza.

In addition, the president of the Paraguayan Football Association, Robert Harrisonand the vice president of that country, Hugo Velazquez. By videoconference, the head of CONMEBOL, Alexander Dominguez, and the holders of the three remaining national federations: claudio tapia (Argentina), ignacio alonso labat (Uruguayan) and pablo milad (Chili).

At the meeting it was agreed that a work table which will meet for the first time in Montevideo, Uruguay, during the month of July. There, the steps to follow to crystallize the candidacy will be established.

“Our goal is to relaunch the intention of the four governments to hold the 2030 World Cup, after the pandemic,” he said. Hugo VelazquezVice President of Paraguay, at a press conference after the meeting.

Authorities from the four countries participated in a meeting in the city of Asunción.  (Photo: Twitter Alejandro Domínguez)
Authorities from the four countries participated in a meeting in the city of Asunción. (Photo: Twitter Alejandro Domínguez)

While, in that sense, Lammens added: “As we commemorate 100 years of the first World Cup, we consider that it would be a great recognition of the world of soccer to the contribution that South America made to the most popular sport in our countries and on the planet”.

“On its centenary, the World Cup must return to its original home, South America. We want to welcome him to the world and show that here we Believe in the Big”, wrote Alejandro Domínguez on his Twitter account, making clear the illusion that this initiative generates in the region.

At a press conference it was also announced that the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) offered itself as a financing entity of the needs of the building, should the proposal succeed.

The other two countries that still maintain the candidacy for the World Cup are Spain and Portugal, who presented themselves together to organize it.

FIFA announces the venues for the 2026 World Cup

the fifa announced this Thursday the cities designated to host the matches of the World Cup 2026to be organized jointly United States, Canada and Mexico. There are 16 venues selected by the authorities.

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USA will be the central country of the World Cup that will be played in four years, since it has 11 of the 16 designated places by FIFA. then follow Mexicowith three and Canadawith two.

The venues chosen for the 2026 World Cup

USA: Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Philadelphia, Houston, Kansas City, Los Angeles (SoFi Stadium), Miami, New York/New Jersey, San Francisco and Seattle.

Mexico: Mexico City (Aztec Stadium), Guadalajara (Akron Stadium) and Monterrey (BBVA Stadium).

Canada: Toronto and Vancouver.

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