Appliance industry could grow 10% in 2022: CLELAC

Monterey, NL. The production of home appliances It is one of the sectors that has recovered the fastest after the Covid-19 pandemic. The industry had a rebound of around 15% and this year expects growth close to 10%, however, it still faces a shortage of components and to substitute imports it requires that SMEs be certified, said Yoelle Rojas Quintero, director of the Cluster of Appliances of Nuevo Leon (Clelac).

He explained that the growth of the sector is due to the social and labor dynamism that after the pandemic has established hybrid and home office work models, since consumers are looking for household items that are functional for a much more comfortable stay at home.

On New Lion 40% of the electrical appliances manufactured in the country are produced, amounting to 4,500 million dollars annually.

However, the global problems that interrupt the supply chain will continue to impact the production of the main original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

“The companies in the Cluster have managed to anticipate their stock of raw materials, but there are shortages that are difficult to cover in some inputs, such as chips or semiconductors, which will continue during the first half of the year,” says Rojas.

A survey conducted by Ernst & Young states that 72% of the organizations consulted have registered some negative effect due to the interruption of supply chains.

The companies of Clelac they have expanded their supplier base in the country and have also resorted to innovation in the face of the lack of some raw materials.

“Companies are testing new materials for appliances, in order to replace those that are definitely very difficult to obtain,” he said.


To replace supplies from other countries, OEM’s seek to regionalize their supply chain, which has opened up a great opportunity for SMEs in the state.

“It is a time when local companies must take advantage of this substitution of suppliers, however, it is important to comply with quality requirements, with best practices in production processes, as well as with the certifications that global companies seek,” he said.

The CEO of Clelac He indicated that for these companies to know how to integrate into these supply chains, they can approach the Cluster to identify areas of opportunity and formal processes.

The Mexican appliance industry has focused on the production of major appliances. 49% of production focuses on air conditioners and heating equipment; 24% in white line; 18% in refrigeration equipment, and only 9% is dedicated to the manufacture of minor appliances.

For Rojas Quintero, this represents an area that must be developed locally: “we depend a lot on Asia for small items, and we have identified that companies are also seeking to develop this item in Mexico.”


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