Apple’s New MagSafe Leather Wallet Includes ‘Find My’ Support

Along with the iPhone 13, Apple has revealed several new accessories for its flagship smartphone line, including a revamped line of cases and a new Leather wallet with MagSafe accessory that is compatible with your ‘Find My’ app.

This means that if you accidentally lose the magnetic wallet accessory, which can happen since it’s only stuck to the back of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, the iOS Find My app will be able to find its location, as will the AirTags accessory. Apple’s Bluetooth tracking device. .

However, MagSafe Leather Wallet can only notify users of their last known location after it has been detached from the iPhone instead of tracking in real time. Interestingly, the fine print on the accessory points out that the Find My functionality does not work with the clear case with MagSafe, indicating that the case is likely blocking connection to the iPhone.

Like most Apple accessories, the Leather iPhone Wallet with MagSafe it is somewhat pricey at $ 79. Colors include ‘Golden Brown’, ‘Dark Cherry’, ‘Sequoia Green’, ‘Midnight’ and ‘Wisteria’.

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