Apple Watch Series 7 is coming in mid-October, says leaker who was wrong about redesign

In an unusual move, Apple hasn’t given the Apple Watch Series 7 a specific release date despite revealing it alongside its iPhone 13 lineup and the iPad mini.

The tech giant still officially says the Series 7 will arrive “late this fall.”

However, it seems that enthusiastic Apple Watch fans will not have to wait much longer for the Series 7. According to Jon prosser (Cover technology), A YouTuber with a checkered record when it comes to leaks, Series 7 will launch in mid-October.

It’s important to note that Prosser is also the key source of the rumors surrounding the square redesign of the Apple Watch Series 7 that didn’t actually happen.

Though nothing has been confirmed yet, pre-orders for the Series 7 are likely to launch in early October and the wearable to launch in the middle of the month. AppleTrack supports this claim based on a notification from Hermès that pre-orders for the 7 series will begin on October 8.

Overall, the Apple Watch Series 7 is a highly anticipated upgrade to the Series 6. For example, the only major new features are a slightly larger and brighter display with minimized bezels and a more curved design.

It’s unclear how much the Apple Watch Series 7 will cost in Canada, but it will likely be priced in the same range as the $ 529 Series 6.

Source: Jon prosser (Cover technology), AppleTrack

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