Apple unveils iPhone 13, new iPad Mini, and next-generation Watch

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Apple’s high masses are no longer filmed live but in advance. This September 14 edition is no exception, filmed in front of the Pacific Ocean in different parts of California, and in particular in Big Sur, a landscape of torn coast quite famous in the United States.

A spectacular setting for announcements that are less, except perhaps the arrival of a new model of iPad Mini deeply redesigned. But, since Apple’s most popular device is the iPhone, let’s start with the new iPhone 13s.

The new colors of the base model of the iPhone 13.

Visually, these new smartphones are almost identical to their predecessors, except that they are offered in new colors, and the area that accommodates different image sensors, located at the very top of the screen, is slightly smaller. – the surface decreases by 20%. Last year’s range is being continued, with two basic models in small (“Mini”) and standard size, and two “Pro” models in standard and large (“Max”) size. The prices are unchanged, although the base models now include more memory (128 GB).

Inside, there are several small advances. All models sport a brighter display, probably slightly more readable in the sun. The Pro models are now more responsive, able to display 120 frames per second, which is twice as much as before. An innovation that has been present for years on high-end Android smartphones that few users spontaneously perceive.

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The main photo sensor on all models grows, which should allow it to capture somewhat better photos in very low light. On the Pro models, the ultra-wide-angle photo sensor, the one that sees very wide, also grows. And we can now bring it up to 2 centimeters from a flower or an insect to capture a macro image.

All models are now able to add blur to live video, to mimic the smoothness of the image that some directors love. It remains to be seen whether the iPhone will intelligently determine where to place the blur and, on the contrary, where to place the area of ​​sharpness. This function promises to consume a lot of battery. Autonomy side, precisely, there is a slight progress displayed ranging from 5% to 10% additional autonomy depending on the model. And this is perhaps the most notable improvement of this new generation.

The new iPad Mini looks like a small iPad Pro.

The smallest of Apple’s tablets, the iPad Mini, is modernized by taking the design of the high-end iPads, the iPad Pro, or more precisely that of the iPad Air, of which it copies the fingerprint reader housed on the ignition button. Like these two models, its sides now feature right angles and its screen margins are reduced. This allows its screen to grow from 7.9 to 8.3 inches without the iPad being bigger, on paper at least. Because its comfort in hand should however regress, like the iPhone when they adopted a similar angular design.

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On the equipment side, its performance is up 40% according to Apple, its USB-C connector is ten times faster than the lightning plug that equipped the old model. Its front camera now sees wider and is able to zoom in on participants during videoconferencing sessions. Price of this new iPad Mini: 560 euros.

For its part, the iPad, Apple’s basic tablet, is being renewed by adopting the same front camera as the iPad Mini, capable of automatically zooming. The memory supplied with the base model goes from 32 to 64 GB for an unchanged price. A good thing because we do not recommend opting for a 32 GB iPad. Its performance increases, according to Apple, by 20%.

The design of the Apple watch is renewed: its screen grows without the overall size of the Watch increasing. Its allure however seems more massive on the visuals of Apple, an impression to be verified. This 20% larger screen can accommodate more text. According to Apple, it is now more resistant to shock and dust.

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