Antonia San Juan tells of the incident that could have killed her walking through Madrid

Antonia san juan He wanted to share with his followers the event that he experienced this week and that could have ended very badly. The actress was about to have a serious accident while walking by the fall of a tree branch that caught everyone in the area unaware.

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As she herself recounted on her social networks, she was totally amazed by what had just happened to her in the heart of Madrid: “A branch has fallen from a tree in front of me and if it catches me, it kills me. If it hits someone, it kills him because he fell from very high and very strong”, explained the protagonist of series like ‘La que se avecina’.

Antonia San Juan wanted to clarify that, luckily, it did not affect him at all, but it did leave him with a bad body when he realized that he almost did not fall on her. The interpreter added that there were more people on the street and that even a woman who was nearby looked at her startled by the strong impact caused by the fall of the branch on the sidewalk in a pedestrian zone.

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