Another woman accuses the ‘love scammer’ of stealing a laptop, mobile phone, pajamas and a bottle of vodka

Twenty three women many of them from Catalonia, denounced him for theft, swindle, misappropriation and coercion. They claimed that they had met this young man from Barcelona through social networks and mobile applications, that they had relationships with him and then he had deceived them and taken different amounts of money and objects. He was baptized as ‘the con man of love’. He was convicted three times, three more were shelved and four more were acquitted. Last October, Albert Cavallé appeared in ‘Ana Rosa’s program ‘, apologized publicly and stated: “I’m not like that … I have redirected the behaviors that I had with the girls emotionally. “In February, Cavallé even announced that he was going to denounce three of the 23 women.

One month later, on March 19, another woman went to the Mossos police station in Sant Adrià de Besòs. He filed a complaint against Cavallé. He accuses him of having taken from his house 300 euros that he had stored in a jar from the kitchen, a game console, two controllers and several games, an HP laptop, a Nintendo Switch, a ring, a mobile phone, a loudspeaker, a pajamas, a bottle of Absolut vodka, a Red Cross GPS and 30 euros from her purse, as stated in the complaint to which ‘El Periódico de Catalunya’ has had access.

Modus operandi

The last complainant makes an account of events similar to that of other women who accuse Cavallé. She met him, she says, in September of last year through Tinder, a mobile application to flirt. They saw each other twice at his home, the last one on March 17. They did shopping and dined there. “We were drinking and eating until four in the morning.” Around half past six, she heard the doorbell of her house. He saw Cavallé, who explained to him, affirms, that he was leaving because his mother had gotten sick. He needed me to give him the code to enter the parking lot where he had left his motorcycle the night before.

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The woman assures in her complaint that shortly after she realized that a Donna Karan bag that Cavallé had given her he was no longer in the house. She opened another bag and saw that 30 euros were missing. He called him and demanded the money. When she hung up, she searched the internet for Cavallé’s name and was “paralyzed” when she saw that it appeared in some news such as “gigolo con man”. Then she checked the house to see if more things were missing and that was when she discovered all the objects that, according to her, Albert Cavallé, known as Tito, had taken away.

Consulted by this newspaper, Cavallé’s lawyer, David Sans, affirms that his client accumulates three final convictions, confirmed by the Supreme Court, two of them instructed in two courts in Barcelona, ​​which add a year and a half in prison, and a third that was investigated in Pamplona and that ended with three months in prison for Cavallé. The victims have asked that he enter prison, but so far it has not happened. Sans assures that these sentences have not been carried out so far because Cavallé “He is paying civil liability to the complainants, he is doing things right.”

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