While many were out looking to scratch some needed items off their shopping lists at the outlet mall in Cookstown Saturday, some may have left with more than they intended.

Finding them Homes – James Bay Pawsitive Rescue held a meet and greet and adoption event at Tanger Outlets. The animal rescue group works to rehome abandoned animals from some of the province’s most northern regions that don’t often have the necessary veterinary care readily available.

“Most of our dogs are strays,” says Ashley Viger, the meet and greet coordinator for the group. “But some of them are surrendered as well, surrendered for a variety of different reasons.”

Saturday was the second time the group has held an adoption event at the outlet mall. Viger says it helps them reach a broader potential of applicants for foster homes, something she says the group needs desperately.

“It’s an excellent location because we do end up reaching a bunch of people that we wouldn’t necessarily reach at any of our other events,” says Viger. “So these would be people that may not know that we even exist.”

If you would like to support the organization by being a foster or adopting an animal, you can click here.

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