Angela Merkel comes to support her foal, Armin Laschet, lagging behind in the polls

A few hours before the elections in Germany, Angela Merkel spares no efforts to push voters to choose her heir, and the CDU. Conservative candidate Armin Laschet lags behind in the polls

Tell them: this is about your future. About the future of your children. From the future of your parents, said Angela Merkel. And it is only every four years that you have the chance to decide at the federal level who will create this future for you in Berlin. This is why I say two votes for the CDU. And the second vote for Armin Laschet, for Armin Laschet to become the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thank you very much and good luck. “

The Christian Democratic candidate, the unpopular and clumsy Armin Laschet, is credited with 21 to 23% of the vote, the conservatives are threatened with their worst electoral score.

“Despite all the problems, all the controversies: this biggest project since World War II, this European Union is even more important today in this unstable world, said Armin Laschet. It is therefore now a question of maintaining this heritage. This is our mission “.

The center-right provided the country with five of the eight post-war chancellors. But this time it is the rival of the SPD, Olaf Scholz, who is the favorite. The victory of the left would tarnish the end of Merkel’s reign.

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