• Angela Aguilar appears from the bathroom in photography
  • Pepe Aguilar’s daughter appears only with a handkerchief as a blouse
  • Followers claim it looks like a tablecloth

Table cloth? Ángela Aguilar surprises her followers by publishing a photograph of her only accompanied by a scarf-type blouse on social networks, and followers say that it looks like a tablecloth.

It was on February 17, when the youngest of Pepe Aguilar’s children surprised his more than 5 million followers by showing his incredible body while riding the horse Speedy, the same that was supposedly given to him by Don Chente a few years ago.

After this, and if the photo of her on horseback was not enough, the 17-year-old singer appeared in the bathroom only covered with a scarf-type blouse, revealing her slim and toned figure.

PHOTO: Instagram. Angela Aguilar

In the photograph shared a few days ago, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter appeared posing with a kind of brown silk blouse-scarf with white dots, which, in the words of some followers, quite resembled a tablecloth.

In total, the singer published three photographs, where Angela Aguilar was seen very proud showing her peculiar outfit accompanied by a pair of brown pants and in the background: a water green bathroom tile.

At the foot of the first Photography, Angela Aguilar wrote: “Loss in the handkerchief of bitterness”, while in the next two, the young woman commented: “I live at number seven, melancholy street”, phrase of the singer Joaquín Sabina for her album Bad companies.

Angela Aguilar photography

PHOTO: Instagram. Angela Aguilar

The three images of the youngest granddaughter of the singer Flor Silvestre collected more than a million likes and endless comments, where some followers were fascinated by Angela’s beauty, while others simply mistook her handkerchief for a tablecloth .

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You can see the photograph of Angela Aguilar here.

The comments began to reach the photograph of Angela Aguilar showing off only a handkerchief to cover her body, where, despite the fact that Pepe Aguilar’s daughter looked incredible, many described her outfit as a table cloth.

Several followers wrote: “The tablecloth is beautiful”, “The kitchen towel is beautiful” and although it is not known if they said it as a joke, some fans of the singer responded a little annoyed: “It shows that you do not know nothing in fashion, you are very backward “,” Are you really a man? What a rude comment ”,“ Don’t go overboard ”,“ Leave her, that’s how my girlfriend looks beautiful ”

PHOTO: Instagram. Angela Aguilar

While other users, away from the drama, began to denote how beautiful Angela Aguilar looked from the bathroom with her brown handkerchief and they did not stop flattering Pepe’s daughter:

A follower, lover of the singer, confessed that she was one of the 7 wonders of the world: “You are the most perfect girl I have seen in the world, I think you are one of the 7 wonders of the world Angela”

“Your photos give me years of life”, “Pure perfection”, “Beautiful my girlfriend”, “How much beauty and talent in a single being”, “How beautiful you are”, “My wife, I adore you”, “You are more than perfect ”,“ You will always be my platonic love ”,“ I am lost in your eyes ”.

PHOTO: Instagram. Angela Aguilar

They were some of the thousands of comments that Angela Aguilar received in her photograph from the bathroom accompanied only by a handkerchief.

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