Ángel Martín talks about his psychotic break and drug use: “I crossed the line”

Angel Martin revealed a few months ago one of the most complicated episodes of his life. The comedian, who currently triumphs with his ‘morning newscast to save time’, confessed that in 2017 he was hospitalized for two weeks for a psychotic outbreak. Now, on the occasion of the launch of his book ‘In case the voices return’, has given an interview in which he talks openly about his psychological problems.

Whoever was the presenter of ‘I know what you did…’ bill in El Mundo that his consumption of marijuana and alcohol was “extremely high.” “He used marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol and it was not a thing of leisure”says Martín, who considers that his psychotic outbreak was the result of “an accumulation of various things.”

I crossed the line and I imagine that influenced, but I have friends who have smoked like sons of bitches and have taken much more drugs than me and have never ended up admitted, “he explains in the interview with the aforementioned medium.

Ángel Martín reveals that the before and after was marked by a publication on social networks in which he congratulated his girlfriend on her success at the box office with the premiere of the film ‘Wonder Woman’, in which he had not worked.

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This, together with the fact that he filled his house with gifts, caused his partner will take him that same night to the psychiatry wing of the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid: “My closest friends thought it was an inside joke between me and my girl. It was impossible for anyone to notice”

After leaving the hospital it was when he began to be aware of what was happening: “Basically I lose the notion of the real world, I enter a hospital in full rock and roll to continue with my fantasy and when I leave 14 days later I realize that everything has changed“.” In the hospital the end of madness occurs, but not the return to sanity. This is a process that you do alone when you leave the hospital and have to work a lot, “he says.


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