Andalusia gives wings to Feijóo and sends a serious warning to Sánchez

The elections in Andalusia have allowed Alberto Núñez feijoo passed his first exam as the new president of the PP with flying colors and they have issued a serious warning to Pedro Sanchez11 months after municipal and regional of 2023. For the general elections, according to the chief executive, we will have to wait until the end of that year.

The resounding victory of Juanma Moreno (PP), by achieving the absolute majority with 58 seats, It is the best letter of introduction that the new conservative leader could have in all of Spain: he beat the PSOE in his historical fiefdom (even in the hard core of the province of Seville) and stops Vox, which will be irrelevant despite the 14 seats obtained. Macarena Olona wanted to be decisive, force her entry into the Executive and in the end it will not be necessary. Moreno has prevailed with a figure similar to that spent by the socialists at the beginning of the century.

Making guesses about Sánchez’s future seems risky seeing him with his well-used ‘Resistance Manual’

In Andalusia, a politician has won who is very similar to Feijóo in form and substance. The voters have awarded the moderation of Moreno, who has concentrated the ballots of Citizens (zero deputies) and has slowed down the express growth of the extreme right. A Isabel Diaz Ayuso He likes to underline that he knew how to contain Vox in Madrid in last year’s elections with his large (although not absolute) majority. She did it with a style and slogans very similar to those of Santiago Abascal. But both Feijóo, in Galicia, and now Moreno have shown that the ascending evolution of the radicals can also be stopped in another way. This internal key reading of the PP, taking into account the political nature of Ayuso, is another beneficial point for the new leader of the Conservatives.

The consequences of war

The president of the PP expects Andalusia to be the Galicia of 2009. In that year, he himself prevailed with an absolute majority in the elections in that community and, from then on, Mariano Rajoy added the victory of the municipal, regional and general elections of 2011. “Change of cycle” is going to be one of the most used expressions in the coming months by popular leaders.

Díaz accepts the failure of his first alliance three weeks after launching Sumar, his new project

The party leadership believes that the Andalusians have punished the central government for not having responded diligently to the coronavirus pandemic. covid-19 and the economic consequences of war in ukraine and believe that the worst is yet to come, with a European Central Bank which will end in July the debt purchases of the eurozone states and will raise interest rates.

The volatility of politics and the international news Few cabals advise, especially if Sánchez is in front of him with a Very used ‘Resistance Manual’. In the PSOE and in the Government they gave up these elections very soon and have accepted the fall of three deputies (30) as a bad note, but enough not to open up the channel. “Juan Espadas has only been at the head of the party for a few months. He has just started his project,” socialist leaders pointed out these days ago.

Sánchez will have to decide in the coming weeks what he is going to do to make all the measures he has promoted in recent years profitable (creation of the minimum vital incomeincrease of minimum salary, the ERTES, the measures to curb the impact of the rise of the light…). The X-ray that the polls have shown him in Andalusia adds to the delicate situation that he is experiencing in Congress, where he has lost the support of ERC due to the scandal of the espionage to 18 pro-independence leaders. In the socialist party they believe that in these elections the mobilizationmanagement sources point out, and that this will not happen in the general elections, “so as not to lose the Government.”

“Change of cycle” is going to be one of the most used expressions in the coming months by popular leaders

bad omens

The bad result of Through Andalusia (5 seats) has been named after immaculate grandson on the ballots, but it fully affects Yolanda Díaz, Vice President of the Government and Minister of Labor. Díaz was involved in the election of the candidate and she has also participated in three acts in which she managed to mobilize thousands of people. Paul’s Successor Plan churches is to present your Sumar project on July 8 and this is not the best letter of introduction. Por Andalucía represented the first test for that sum of sensitivities and different currents of the left.

Citizens must decide what to do before the municipal and regional ones: it continues to disappear or is integrated into the PP

Díaz has received this bad news three days after another that also affects the foundations of Sumar: the accusation Vice President and Minister of Equality and Inclusive Policies, Mónica Oltra, for protecting her ex-husband in the abuse of a minor under guardianship. Oltra is a key woman in her future project.

Forward Andalusia, with the anti-capitalist Teresa Rodriguezhas almost taken the minimum (two seats), thanks to maintaining the brand with which it was presented in the previous elections under the umbrella of Podemos and Izquierda Unida.

The decision of Arrimadas

The collapse of Citizens joins a list of failures that will force Inés Arrimadas to make a decision: continue to disappear from the municipal and regional institutions next year or allow their own to join the ranks of the PP with the formula that both parties agree on.

The oranges fell resoundingly in Catalonia (February 2021), disappeared from the Madrid Assembly (May 2021) and were left with minimal representation in Castilla y León (February 2022). Now they have also left the Andalusian Parliament: from 21 to 0.

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The negotiating strategy that Albert Rivera implemented in 2019, by choosing always to the PP in some municipalities and autonomies where they were a pivotal party and did not want to help the PSOE, it has been shown to be a bad decision, and the formation has been gobbled up by the popular ones.

The Andalusians have left messages for everyone. With the municipal and regional elections in May 2023, everyone has room to “progress adequately”.

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