AMPI Puebla, with 60% of offices for rent

Puebla, Pue. The rent of offices in the capital of Puebla and its conurbation continues without recovering, since the market is in partial activity with 60% of occupied spaces, as an effect of the economic crisis left by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In this vein, the president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) local, Fabrizio Pizar Rojas, considered that micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have opted for the coworking service to rent spaces and hold business meetings when needed, thus generating savings.

However, there are entrepreneurs who are returning to face-to-face operations through the hybrid model, that is, they are rotating staff to work in offices and at home, while they wait for a greater economic recovery that allows them to be permanent in a rented space, he explained.

With this panorama, he commented that the sector maintains its position that there are still no conditions for investments in new office buildings to be landed this year, since the available space is currently rented at 60 percent.

He indicated that those who had large offices made the decision to occupy half of the space, and thereby rent the other part to another business, to reduce operating expenses.

Pizar Rojas highlighted that in the center of Puebla there are offices for all types of businesses, those who want to undertake and corporations who are looking for an alternate headquarters to handle operations for the southern part of the country, considering that the entity is a strategic step.

He asserted that entrepreneurship is gaining strength, which represents a captive market that must be served with accessible rents for greater occupation, because it will be the way to give greater dynamism to the sector, which at the time opted for offices in the center.

The leader of the AMPI stated that the economy in general is subject to the incidence of contagion from Covid-19which this year manifested itself with a regrowth in the first two months.

He shared that of 100% of available spaces, between 30 and 40% are large offices in the Historic Center, but they stopped being used because the corporations migrated to the south of the city, where investments in new developments are taking place.

He indicated that this market may have a better outlook for next year, despite the pandemic that will not end soon and forces businessmen in the sector to be more strategic to recover.

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